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Getting Started with Mapping

Szico VII

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  • Title: Getting started with Mapping
  • Subject: The tools you need for editing.
  • Written by: Szico VII
  • Tutorial written for: GTK Radiant 1.4.0
  • Similar concept work like in: N/A
  • Difficulty level: 1/10
  • Expected time to complete for first attempt: Depends on your download connection speed
  • Prerequisites: None.

So you want to map do you, huh? Well, before you can even think about making your map, you're going to need the right tools to do it with. Following is a list of all the tools you'll need for most maps, however this list doesn't include any optional programs which are only needed for further customisation, such as custom texture creation. The programs needed for such tasks will be listed as they come up - So let's get going shall we?

Please not this tutorial does NOT use the v1.5.0 versions of radiant which are inferior (in my opinion) and completely change button layouts e.t.c

Things you Need:

Once you have the Install file (.exe) for GTK Radiant, you can install the program to your hard drive. Make sure you know exactly whereabouts your Jedi Academy/GameData folder is on your Hard drive - this can be found by doing a search (Windows XP - Right click the Start button and then left click the Search button) (Windows 98-2000 - Right click the Start button and then left click the Find button)

You then want to search your hard drive through all files and folders (Usually C: for ''jamp.exe'' (without the quote marks.) The folder this file is in will be your JKA/GameData folder. Make sure you remember this path. If you are sure you have installed Jedi Academy in the default directory, you can find jamp.exe in:

Hard Drive Letter (usually C):/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData

So for me the path is: C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData - from here on in always replace C:/ with the letter of your own hard drive.

Installing GTK Radiant v1.4.0

Step 1) Double click the install (.exe) file - Download HERE

Step 2) Wait for the contents of the packages to be read.

Step 3) "The Install Shield Wizard will now Install GtkRadiant-1.4.0 on your computer. To continue, click next" - So get on with it and click next then!

Step 4) Accept the License Agreement by clicking the ''Yes'' button.

Step 5) Press ''Next'' to carry on from the Supported Games list

Step 6) Leave the GtkRadiant install path as default (C:/Program Files/GtkRadiant-1.4)

Step 7) If you want to set up Radiant for JEDI KNIGHT II: JEDI OUTCAST, locate the jk2mp.exe file on your hard drive using the search method outlined above and browse for the path to the JK2/GameData folder.

Step 8) Press ''Next'' to Continue

Step 9) Press Next again, leaving the folder name for GtkRadiant-1.4 as "Radiant-1.4"

Step 10) Repeat the process for the other supported games, leaving any games you don't own as default paths

Step 11) It will get to the Jedi Academy Destination Folder, which you will leave as default, unless you have installed the game in a non-default location (Which can be found using the search method illustrated previously.) NOTE: C:/.../GameData simply means C:/pathtoJKA/GameData, with the ... representing a filepath which the computer is too lazy to display.

Step 12) Choose ''Full Install'' and then press ''Next''

Step 13) Choose where you want the Shortcut to start up radiant to appear on your start menu

Step 14) Press Next to start ''reviewing files'' and complete installation.

Step 15) Once the Progress Bar reaches 100%. click ''Finish'' to complete installing Radiant.

Setting up GTK Radiant v1.4.0
When you first Start up Radiant, you'll see a dialogue box like this:

Depending on whether you want to map for JK2 or JK3, you should select the relevant option in the top section by clicking the downward arrow and selecting the correct option from the list. As these tutorials are for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (JK3) - I've selected the correct option.

If you do not own any of the other games displayed in the list, you may want to select the ''Auto-Load selected game on Startup'' box. This will automatically load whichever game you have selected when you start Radiant, and you will not see this screen again.

If you have other members in your family who use Radiant, and you each want separate preferences, select the ''Networked install'' option.

Only tick the ''Log console to radiant.log'' option if you want to find errors with Radiant and your map - however this is for advanced users and takes up a lot of memory - as radiant will tell you if you select this option.

Hit OK when you're finished. Radiant will now load up!

Installing the Software Developers Kit

Step 1) Download the Jedi Academy SDK, if you haven't already.

Step 2) Open the file using Winzip and extract all files within it to a temporary folder (or your desktop, you can delete this later)

Step 3) Double-Click the ''Jedi_Academy_SDK(MP).exe file to start the extraction process. (It'll be in the folder you extracted the .zip file to)

Step 4) In the ''Unzip to Folder'' Box, replace the filepath with:\r\nC:/PATHTOJKA/GameData (Where ''PATHTOJKA'' is as default, C:Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy)

Step 5) Press the ''Unzip Button,'' and read the Disclaimer which comes up after it finishes unpacking, if you wish.

Step 6) You can now find all the Developer's Kit Modding tools in the Gamedata/Tools Folder!
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When i load radiant, the message appears:

This is a version 2 project file. This build only supports <=1 project files. Please choose another project file or upgrade your version of Radiant.


Edit: I worked it out.

For those wondering, all you have to do is uninstall Radiant 1.4, remove the "scripts" folder from your base folder, and reinstall Radiant 1.4 again.

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Fixed it
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