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About This File

About this file

For some years I tend to build some maps for Jedi Academy, but have never finished a project really ? But not this time. Therefore I present to you: Mission to Bespin
Mission to Bespin is a singleplayer map and part of a little project of mine to "improve" the main game, by addressing It's main shortcomings (too short, Cult is not really fleshed out).
Thererfore Mission To Bespin is a kind of Tier 1 Mission (Forcepowers Level 1), where you explore an old mainetance depot in the skies of Bespin.

Content: One map
Supported Language: Only English
Custom NPCs: Yes (even one new Skinset)
Specials: Enemies with stun buttons (how I missed this JK:Outcast Weapon)
Readables: Yes (though I am not an native English speaker I tried my best)

1. Unpack the Archiv (Mission_to_Bespin.zip)
2. Copy the Mission_to_Bespin.bat and the Mission_to_Bespin folder to your "LucasArts/Gamedata" folder
3. Execute the Mission_to_Bespin.bat and the game should start. Simply start your mission by "New game" in the main menu (no console needed)

Special Thanks:
Thanks to all the modding community and all your great missions and tutorials. You kept my motivated to share this little project of mine.
Thanks to the Dark Forces team (I took one of their textures and one model I guess and I loved this mod)

I had no Beta testers. Hence: Please report any bugs you stumble across, so I can update the file. Also any feedback is welcomed.



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Really nostalgic map! But even on a decent pc the fps drops were noticeable, and the enemy variety could have been a little more. Otherwise it was well crafted and returning elements from Jedi Outcast were a nice addition. As others have mentioned the player model and force powers load in a weird way also. Oh forgot to mention, would definitely like to see more of this ?

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I always love to see new SP stuff! Like others mentioned, I had a pretty bad FPS drop in the final section. Not game-breaking, but it definitely made things a bit tougher. Otherwise, this was great! It was designed very well, and overall gave me the same vibe as other JKA levels. Maybe allowing customization before beginning would be nice, but it's really not a big deal. I'd love to see more from you!

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· Edited by GamerRedNeck

I really wanted to love this.  The level design alone was great, reminding me of Jedi Outcast's.  And it shines there.  But was I the only one who experienced frame drops?  The pc I used isn't great, but it runs JA with a solid fps.  This is the biggest gripe and what hurt the experience for me.  I will look forward to updates however.  There is serious potential and love here.


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very nice map

here are a few problems though:

- consider packing the files in a pk3

- fps drops in some areas, really bad massive fps drops in the last area

- the game started me as human male jaden with female sounds and a single_10 hilt which does not exist in the game, so it instead gave me the short reborn hilt

- the second time i started the game i had the right sounds, but all force powers were level 3, saber still bugged, might have just been me though

Response from the author:

Thank you very much for your feedback and the detailed list. ^^

Especially the sound bug (female voices) and the errors in the second game start are a bit puzzeling. I will look into it ?

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