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SerenityJediEngine2018-Final+SDK Full

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About This File

The final release of the Advanced edition contains everything from the original Serenity Jedi Engine.
This is the final Official stable release of the Advanced edition of the Serenity Jedi Engine.
Now full y debugged 99.9999999% of all bugs fixed, including the ones causing crashes when playing in outcast mode.
Contains all the extra animations like manual dodge ,manual melee block, grapple hook and the extra melee slap, roundhouse, leg sweep etc.
Fully tested on Debug using visual studio 2015 for over 1 hour in mp and 10 maps completed in sp .
I did not play full Jedi Academy or Jedi Outcast when testing I just selected 5 missions from each game mode.
good luck, have fun and may the force be with you.
Jace solaris


What's New in Version Full


  • A rebuild of the released 2015 SerenityJediEngine. Many code fixes and additional features. Supports single and multiplayer. Serenity has given me permission to continue this project and I can now confirm this project will contain no plagiarised material.

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Extra Credits

Extracts were taken from The following sources and were used to help improve and update the source for this mod.

Openkj main source https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK

Redsaurus Openjk SP improvements https://github.com/redsaurus/OpenJK

Dustys Patch SP Improvements Openjk https://github.com/DustysPatch/OpenJK

Warzone MP improvements https://github.com/Stoiss/Rend2

and special thanks should go to Serenity and Stoiss who are the original authors of this code.

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For future reference - please use the 'is this file broken?' button if you see a broken file. That button alerts JKH staff and we'll fix it. Commenting doesn't alert us.

Oh sorry, i didn't know that. good to know :) thanks.

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Guest Redemption


Amazing! I'm impressed with what you guys have managed to accomplish :) The depth of what you guys have modded to is unbelievable. I love how in the SP of Academy, I loaded up Yavin and checked Makashi, I know that most of the code you guys have used is from the OJP; I'm not taking away what you've done but you've got it working smoothly in the campaign. Awesome! I'm noticing all the little things. The manual block and how you've managed to alter the NPC A.I; how did you get them to walk during combat? I know they did that in OJP... but like I said... Brilliant!


Looking at what you guys have done makes me think I should get right into Academy modding! I wanted OJP as the foundation for my mod as well, to see that you guys have done this makes me happy!


Well done to you and Serenity and whoever else I've not mentioned, well done :)

Thank you for the SDK, I've just checked out making saber wielders walk in combat striking distance. I'll be crediting you'se guys to f**k :)

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In side the SerenityJediEngine2018 folder you will see a file called SerenityJediEngine2018server.cfg in this file you can edit all the server settings.
Start the sserver with SerenityJediEngine2018server.bat (Windows Batch File).Then start the mod as normal and the server should show in the server list then just join as normal.

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This is amazing! Good work and thank you!


So far I have found no bugs in SP except that the game seems to freeze up during the first part of the Hoth mission in JA.  You can pretty much just load and play any of the levels though so it's not a huge issue.


Aurius, are you using the included windows batch file to start the game? That's how I got it to run on my Windows 10 machine.

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