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Domination Mod for Windows

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The life of a jedi is more than just senseless killing. This mod provides several methods for you and your friends to test your might and skill.


Introduced features
/da_exec config/bespinsport
Players in two teams try to kick the ball to the opponents' goal. The ball does not roll or bounce.
You can aim with your mouse when kicking.
- don't harm other players
- there is no 'out'
- the team who scored the last point waits for the opponent to make the first kick
- no players are allowed on the opponent's side before the first kick
- first team to reach 10 points (reaches 0 again in the scoring board) wins.
Suggested players: 2v2, (3v3)
Bot support: none
Hangar (Mercenary) Ctf
/da_exec config/hangarctf
The domination mod comes with a wastly increased weapon efficency (both projectile speed and damage)
and a reload feature (no more ammo packs). These are also customizable. This map is a showcase how to use
this feature. Flags are semi-transparent to allow thirdperson shooting while carrying them.
Suggested players: 2v2, 3v3, (4v4)
Bot support: not in this map, but if you have a ctf map with bot routes, bots are incredibly dangerous with
ranged weapons. Try to duel them first :)
/pazaak challenge
Players can challenge each other to play Pazaak.
Rules are not included, please read find them on the internet or one of the KOTOR series.
Clients must have the mod in order to see the cards (using cvarhack, mystat or similar will disable it too)
Suggested players: 1v1 (in ffa)
Bot support: you can challenge them, but they can get hang up
Crystal hunting
/da_exec config/cr_mpffa5 or /da_exec config/cr_mpffa_noblue on mp/ffa5
/da_exec config/cr_t3hevil.cfg on t3_hevil
Spawn a number of crystals on the map that can be collected for points (green is easy, red is hard, blue is hidden)
Once all crystals are collected tha player with the most points wins. Use /crystals to see what crystals are left
Suggested players: any
Bot support: none
Advanced bots
Should they use single lightsabers, staffs or ranged weapons, the domination bots are superior to their original
counterparts. They should be able to challenge a mid-level player in a saber-fight with neverending endurance or
fight in TFFA's without losing to much points to friendly fire. They're even more dangerous with ranged weapons
with their almost perfect aim and ability to predict your movement.
You can also set their behavior to set up challenges for yourself and your friends.
Explorer mode and infinite wall-jump height
/da_set explorer 1 (0 by default)
/dom_infWallJump 1 (enabled by default)
Ever wondered why large portions of the default maps are closed off with invisible walls? Did you ever want to go there?
Now with explorer mode you can! Explorer mode disables most invisible walls. You can go whereever you please. Forgive me
for stairs.
Another big question in the series why do you hit a magical ceiling whenever you go up with wall-jumps. I can't answer this
question, but I did disable the ceiling. Now, only your force power and the environment decides where you can and can't go.
/da_set checkpoints "1" (on by default)
/invite [playername]
Jumping maps are cool. Restarting them 10 times before you reach the half of it is not cool. With this feature you can place
your own checkpoints and teleport to them if you die/fall down. Also useful if you want somebody to come to you for a duel or
just to show them something.
Big kicks/melee
/da_set nokickdamage -2
/da_set nomeleedamage -1
Send your opponents flying with a kick or a punch. As saber throw is not used, you can kick with single saber too.
Permanent laser mode
/da_set permanentLaserMod 1
/da_set tripMineMax 99
Placed trip mines does not blow up when you go through the laser, they cut you instead. Ideal for setting up challenges.
Hitting the mine will blow it up.
Domination Tower V2
/da_map dom2
Are you looking for a friendly game of Pazaak? A game of soccer? A dueling arena? Some climbing challenges?
This massive tower has it all! This includes the endurance trial in the turret room, a chess room (you may want to use grip here),
enough place to race around the tower, the very first soccer room (not so enjoyable compared to the standard ones, but hey, history!)
and several secret rooms to find. You can find the Unlabeled Tomb of JK, The VIP room, the Hell Gate and the
Corridor-That-Too-Small-And-Meaningless-To-Have-A-Name. We also have a place for the council here,
but you must first climb the tower from the outside.
Suggested players: any
Bot support: none
The "Lava"
This very hard (but unfinished) co-operative map shows you that there is more to JK jumping than strafe and climbing. Co-operative jumps,
good timings, wall-jumps and several other techniques required to reach the end of this challenge. Only for players with good nerves.
Suggested players: 2
Bot support: none


Please read the readme.txt for the full list of client&admin commands.


This is the place I'd like to thank all ideas, testing, patience and support to all of the Domination team
that made this mod possible. Names in alphabetic order:
Bexen, Flash, Freeder, Keldaron, Veng, Waco




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Whoa that card game looks really interesting and like nothing I've seen before for this game!!! The rest of the screenshots also look very intriguing

Smoo likes this
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You can challenge a player to play pazaak by looking at them and typing /pazaak challenge to the console. They can accept it the same way as any duels (/engage_duel). Make sure that you have enough space between the two of you for the cards. Also make sure, you both have the mod. When the match starts you both sit down and get four random cards (plus, minus or flip cards).

The red/blue disk shows who's turn it is. You can use the /pazaak pass command to end your turn, you can use /pazaak stand to stand. While looking at one of your four cards you can use /pazaak flip to flip a card (if it's a flip card) or /pazaak play to play it. You may not play more one than card per turn. The goal is to have more points in total than your opponent without exceeding 20 points. The one how wins three sets first is the winner of the match. The rules in details can be read here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Pazaak/Legends

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@mormord how you do all these features inside MP game without MP code editing? it works on default JKA game?

or it need openjk or ja++?

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@Asgarath83 I don't do all these features without MP code editing, this is a code mod for both client and server side (but you can use most of the features even if only the server has the mod). It works with the default JKA game, and doesn't need openjk or ja++.

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