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Revan from SWTOR and KOTOR. Includes SP support, MP support, NPC support, SWTOR version, Reborn version, StarForge robe version, Jedi version, Timeline video armor and Darth version.


I've made a lot of mods before, but this is the first mod I have ever released to the public, and my first model! It is made from frankensteined models from JKJA and some others (see credits). When The Shadow of Revan came out I looked around to see if their were any SWTOR Revans out there for JKJA, unfortunately their were none at the time so I decided to make one!



There are three Pk3 files you can install.


1:"SWTORRevanV.1.04.pk3" (The full version.)


2:"SWTORRevan(noshader)V.1.04.pk3"(If you experience problems in the game,

try in installing this one instead.)


3:"MPSWTORRevan(noshader)V.1.04.pk3"(If you don't want NPCs and you just want the model

for multiplayer and player select on single player, then install this one.)


Some players have had trouble playing the full version, so that is why I have included

the other versions.


The currant version is a "beta" of sorts in a attempt to fix some problems some players have had with the model.


NPCS: Type playermodel,

swtorrevan (to get lightside Revan from SWTOR).

revanreborn (to get darkside Revan in "Reborn" armor from SWTOR).

darthrevan (to get darkside Revan from KOTOR).

kotorrevan (to get lightside Revan from KOTOR in darth armor).

starforgerevan ( to get lightside Revan in StarForge armor from KOTOR).

revantimeline (to get darkside Revan in "Timeline" armor from the SWTOR Timeline videos).

revanmaelstrom (to get lightside Revan from the Maelstrom prison in SWTOR).

revanjedi ( to get lightside Revan in Jedi robe from KOTOR and Timeline video).New NPCs:


revan_ghost ( to get lightside Revan spirit).


NOTE: Some of the screenshots are from older versions of the mod and bear some slight deferences from the currant version of the model.


What's New in Version V1.04


  • V1.01 Fixed some problems with the arms, changed some textures.
  • V1.02 New textures, new NPCS (see NPCS), added new shaders, fixed the arms on the Reborn model so that the arm spikes are the same on both arms, added model options like Jedi and Timeline (outfit from the SWTOR timeline videos) and new sounds.
  • V1.03 Updated textures, new ghost version(includes new sounds) , and bot support.
  • V1.04 Updated model, some major bug fixes, added two new versions, one without shiny shaders(they were affecting the game for some people), and one with no NPCs and no shiny shaders (for MP).
  • V1.04(edit) Bug fix.

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Great model, but for some reason my screen has these gray blocks replacing my saber cursor in the main menu now when I try to pick Revan. What gives?

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I like it, however when i select him, he's missing half an arm and his unmasked version is all glitchy as his face is messed up, Help anyone?

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The darthrevan playermodel is buggy. If you use it as your player model, NPCs won't fight you, and you can't kill them.

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