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jaMME 1.10 Windows

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About This File

Jedi Academy Movie Maker's Edition (jaMME) is an engine modification of

Jedi Academy for moviemaking. It's a port of q3mme with most of its

features and some new ones.


- demo playback control (pause, rewind)

- free camera mode

- chase camera mode

- time speed animation

- capturing motion blur

- capturing output in stereo 3D

- different output types: jpg, tga, png, avi

- playing music on background to synchronize it with editing

- saving depth of field mask

- overriding players information: name, saber colours, hilts, team, model

- realistic first person view with visible body (trueview)

- recording audio to wav

- replacing world textures with your own

- replacing skybox with one solid colour (chroma key)

- capturing in any resolution

- off-screen capturing

- capturing a list of demos

- supporting mods: base (basejka, base_enhanced), ja+ (ja++, UAGalaxy), lugormod, makermod

- supporting versions: 1.01 and 1.00

- in-game demo cutter


Author: ent


Contributors: ent, Scooper, redsaurus, teh, loda, Alpha/Avygeil

Version: 1.10

Date: 10.08.2016

Filesize: 7.42 MB

Installation: extract the archive to "GameData" folder.


Copyrights: ©2013-2016 ent


What's New in Version 1.10 Windows


  • 1.10
  • [windows|android] added "ja://" protocol support
  • changed the order for autodownloading resources: client cvars have higher priority now
  • [android] fixed never removing temporarily created demo file when destorying the application while the demo is getting played back
  • [windows] added a possibility to open demo files from any place (registers dm_25 and dm_26 file extensions)
  • fixed never playing demos back with the regular demo player after implementing command smoothing
  • [android] fixed never saving favorite servers
  • fixed missing timestamps on some lines in the console
  • added seeking in the progress line by hitting it with the cursor
  • removed annoying warning when server tries to set cvars, just ignore them silently
  • [sdl] added game minimizing (credits: jk2mv)
  • renamed avi size limit cvar (mme_aviLimit)
  • added a possibility to take screenshots with DOF (screenshotDOF)
  • fixed wrong indexing of position in sounds that have big sound data
  • added drawing sound muted state
  • added gamestate printing for debug purposes
  • fixed not playing back .roq files that are not loaded from cgame
  • fixed painting the whole console string if the previous string had \r with enabled timestamp
  • added a possibility to use any colour in texts with format ^#0077FF
  • [android] fixed possible going out of MAX_QPATH with demos that have too long names and opened externally
  • [sdl] added an opportunity to use anti-aliasing (r_ext_multisample)
  • allowed to open non-packed audio files when cgame is loaded
  • fixed crash on check ghoul2 for null with advanced compilers that cut off those checks with enabled optimization
  • [sdl] fixed endless video restarting when going into fullscreen mode
  • fixed the crash with negative indexes on leaf brushes on x64 systems on map loading (credits: Xycaleth)
  • [windows] added drag-and-drop support for demos
  • [android] fixed losing connection when jaMME got minimized
  • added an opportunity to disable players' heads turning toward other players (mov_headTurn)
  • [android] mme renderer now works on Android
  • improved input responsiveness by moving sampling to other side of framerate limiter (credits: Juraj "youurayy" Vitko)
  • [android] rewritten jamme from Java to C# (Xamarin)
  • added an opportunity to draw world areas behind doors etc (r_drawAllAreas)
  • added cmake support for windows
  • added missing command time based smoother resetting
  • added an opportunity to stop avi capturing and save the video without quitting the demo (capture stop)
  • fixed huge memory "leak" with allocating too much indexes for AVI
  • added pipeline feature (credits: loda/videop) (capture pipe; mme_pipeCommand)
  • added new demo tokens: server name, strftime date and strftime timestamps (credits: Alpha/Avygeil) (cl_autoDemoFormat)

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Going to use this for my demo machinimas, but having trouble getting the free roam unstuck out of the wall. Will need more practice :). Appreciate the upload :).

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Get a error saying MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer, even though I do Visual C++ 

If I could get it to work I would be excited to use it, but I cant sadly. 

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Get a error saying MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer, even though I do Visual C++ 

If I could get it to work I would be excited to use it, but I cant sadly. 

Update to the latest C++ redistributables.  You need whichever version this was compiled with (probably 2013).

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I heard there is a version of JAMME for MovieBattles 2. At least, it can be working somehow for MB2 basically. I don't mean the way launching base JAMME then switching mod "mb2".

Could somebody tell me how should I do that?? A little explanation would be appreciated.

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The download works for me.

Try to contact admins.

And I am going to release a new version soon anyways. Stay tuned.

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