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jaMME 1.9 Mac

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About This File

Jedi Academy Movie Maker's Edition (jaMME) is an engine modification of

Jedi Academy for moviemaking. It's a port of q3mme with most of its

features and some new ones.


- demo playback control (pause, rewind)

- free camera mode

- chase camera mode

- time speed animation

- capturing motion blur

- capturing output in stereo 3D

- different output types: jpg, tga, png, avi

- playing music on background to synchronize it with editing

- saving depth of field mask

- overriding players information: name, saber colours, hilts, team, model

- realistic first person view with visible body (trueview)

- recording audio to wav

- replacing world textures with your own

- replacing skybox with one solid colour (chroma key)

- capturing in any resolution

- off-screen capturing

- capturing a list of demos

- supporting mods: base (basejka, base_enhanced), ja+ (ja++, UAGalaxy), lugormod, makermod

- supporting versions: 1.01 and 1.00

- in-game demo cutter


Author: ent

Contributors: ent, Scooper, redsaurus, teh

Version: 1.9

Date: 24.08.2015

Filesize: 9.14 MB

Installation: extract the archive to "GameData" folder.


Copyrights: ©2014 ent; jaMME source code is opened under GPLv2 license


What's New in Version 1.9 Mac


  • 1.9
  • fixed rarely drawn drain/lightning effects
  • fixed incorrectly placed W/L header in FFA/DUEL scoreboard
  • reduced minimal distance between camera and score plum where score plum could be drawn
  • fixed not interrupting death sound after respawn
  • added new option for rain to not draw rain behind camera to optimize performance
  • fixed chatbox spam in rewinding
  • fixed dispearing weapon in first person if demo was rewinded in pull/push moment
  • made an opportunity to play the game with jaMME (the engine replacement for jamp)
  • added an option to automatically load a converted demo with next gamestate from an original demo that contains several gamestates when first converted one reaches its end like in default demo player
  • added linux support (by teh)
  • fixed never fading shadow in text
  • fixed inability to capture with more than 1000 fps on the engine side
  • added base_enhanced mod detection that fixes wrong rewards drawing bug
  • fixed huge memory leak in non-dof/non-stereo demo capture
  • fixed capturing new video into old one if the new one has got changed name
  • fixed sometimes choppy animation in slow frame update
  • fixed crash when looping sound is too short
  • added an opportunity to adjust distance when the regular doppler effect starts (s_dopplerFactor)
  • fixed custom background music interruption if the game called its own music from demo
  • fixed lowering volume or disappearing chat beep sound if client has fallen into a pit (falling to death)
  • fixed a condition to skip roll event if the event - made by non-predicted clients too but who switched current POV to
  • added smooth interpolation for more objects
  • added an option to automatically quit the game after finishing demo playback with (mme_demoAutoQuit 2)
  • fixed incorrectly displaying 2d screen tints after play demo backward and/or when switching POV between players
  • added ratio fix to more 2d objects
  • fixed drawing zoom mask of binocular when POV is on non-predicted client
  • fixed crash on reading/parsing wrong written shader files
  • fixed different yaw/pitch speed in ui on non-4:3 screens
  • added Ogg Vorbis and FLAC audio formats support
  • added mac support (by redsaurus)
  • added autorecording demos (cl_autoDemo, cl_autoDemoFormat, saveDemo, saveDemoLast)
  • added missing filter mask for flags
  • made wallhack use bit-filed values for predicted client, non-predicted clients, items, missiles and flags
  • fixed jittering mover objects in non-demo playback
  • fixed not loading new client infos if round start was skipped
  • fixed player anim blend not working on first frame (by teh)
  • implemented command time based smoothing - everything is very smooth in the game (by teh)
  • [linux] - added async i/o support for saving avis (by teh)
  • fixed never disappearing limbs after rewinding w/ dismemberment enabled
  • fixed never resetting zoom mode that could cause a wrong behavior on disruptor events
  • made the possibility to load mme mod from any mod folder that starts with "mme"
  • draw ping on lagometer
  • improved wallhack to draw the hacked objects with correct depth
  • fixed wrong flash point position of disruptor ray
  • fixed inability to play any sound/music after calling "snd_restart" command
  • fixed MAX_PATCH_PLANES error on same maps (from openjk)
  • fixed a possibility to reach the end of returnable function w/o a return
  • added Android support in jaMME
  • [android] added server list autorefresh on opening the server list
  • added sound muting (mute)
  • added timestampts in the console
  • fixed lagging movements in custom mme mods
  • fixed using a wrong cvar (s_volumeVoice) to change volume of ambient sounds
  • added speedometer (by the) (cg_drawSpeed)
  • made clientOverride feature work in a regular game
  • made doppler sounds more hearable since JA has higher world scale than Q3A
  • [linux|mac] support cyrrilic and eastern european characters in text input (from openjk)
  • draw spectated players next to spectators (team game modes only)
  • display the connected/total players info in the scoreboard (team game modes only)
  • added in-game demo cutter (cut, demoCut)
  • added an opportunity to have absorb, protect and rage shaders visible in first person view on weapons
  • added enhanced statistics displaying either in the end or via a command "sm_stats" (emulating smod enhanced statistics)
  • added drawing demo playback progress
  • added find airkill to seek for kills in the air by anything but splash damage and selfkills
  • fixed find direct that missed disruptor shots seeking
  • added motion blur strength (mme_blurStrength)
  • saber trail can be now always drawn (cg_saberTrail 4)
  • added ratiofix for binocular and disruptor if left or right scope mask fillers provided
  • fixed impressive reward counting implementation
  • fixed never displaying server list if the master server does not respond: checking all provided master servers
  • added maps autodownload support with cURL (g_dlURL, cl_dlURL)
  • added Jedi Academy v1.00 demos support

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