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    This file is part of a large map to prepare for the zone jka.Esta decided to publish it separately because I think duels may like being able to fight over one meter in motion. The map is small and contains only one meter and the tunnel with 2 stops. IMPORTANT: to activate the meter has been pressing "use" at any stop.
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    Here I present a map set in the modern era with a small touch of SW .. The city would be divided into 4 districts in which you can find among other things: bus (moves!: D), Metro (also), bars , restaurants, runs, sewers, theaters, auditoriums, shops and even a few weapons skateboards where duelar power over them. The map also can be played in ctf and is designed to fence the maximum performance in any area, in other words you can enjoy the maximum fps at any point on the map to be able duelar with your peers. Also, the roads were designed to handle smoothly the swoop that you can buy in panels scattered around the map. I hope you enjoy both Using It User creandolo like me .
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    This map is designed to capture the items on the flag and everything in the game with the team who crossed the waters to enter the enemy base aboard a boat that you can move forward or back by the rudder or control panel. This idea comes from another map made in the jk2 but with another movement of ships. Now the interiors are not decorated as nothing the nose acceptance that will map at jk3 and publish it wanted first to try it.
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    On this occasion he created a map where experimental mechanisms rpg includes the map in si.The map set in this part of tattoine where we can find a small town with bars, houses (closed) and a sort of coliseum where you can NPC kill. find caves, luke's house, the boat jawa and other surprises. The part that I like most of the map is lame when a vessel and directs you to reach for the sky has the galaxy where you will find space EXAS 2 seasons with the base of Bespin jk2. This part of the map where the Bespin can play CBC. I hope they understand the mechanism that I have with the symbols -1 -10 -100 used to transfer points (on this occasion called him credits) for a player to jugador.the player pressing the button that sends the credits to the player who is waiting on the tarmac in front. Weapons and vehicles are showing up for sale cost when approaching. We recommend the presence of an admin in each game rpg to monitor that nobody spends more points which have ... unless someone can be programmed to record a mod points. I hope you enjoy it and above all understand the main idea of the map:).
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    Adaptation of the famous map Dust of CS now for the JKA. Recommended for team playing in FFA or CTF.
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    Mapa para ffa y tffa.Este mapa es una conversion del mapa del cod2 Carentan adaptado para el jk3. Map for ffa and tffa.Este map is a map of COD2 conversion adapted for jk3 Carentan.
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    This is one of my favorite map created by me, because since the 1 st version hize that gave many hours of game many people who tried in games of capture the flag type. The original idea of the map, I happened to see how people often hang out to be hacian "human towers", ie subían a skin on the other to see which reached the top ... now trying to give to such use action and the idea of a map also where the team was playing in prime .... 2 hize castles which to be able asaltarlos need the help of another companion for you galvanize subirla.Ademas in this second version he added a "tower siege" a little ugly truth to light but very practised in the games. In short recomendadisimo a map for playing in ctf with your peers or not; as I used to come to games between clans ....
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    This was the second map hize in my life with almost nothing in the knowledge radiant.Se made for the Clan Cjs and I proved that a good idea is always better than the best of designs. I say that this map is that many people played for months on items of ctf 6 vs. 6 and I can tell you that they were fun and addictive: D. The design is very "boring" but the structure of the map is perfect for good games where ctf Capture the flag trendas to sail on the boat from your side and get to the other base without before you attack the enemy ship to stop. Please understand that it was my second map and it is something "square" but try before you judge him in a game of at least 3 vs. 3 and sure brighten having downloaded Surely now that the radiant is no secret to my attempts to create a version much more "elegant" and with new developments.
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    This map was among the first who did and not having much to do but it's nice for FFA and various types of games such as career, playing hockey or make a game of football with a player who is no longer move as a ball.
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    A map showing the structure of the famous map of dust and texturing css-style Bespin make this map ideal for capturing the flag may also shoot at each base.Lo several laser designed to practice the botroutes which is the first time that the use . I hope you enjoy:).
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    This map was produced in a very short time that actually what they did was design from the singleplayer areas and link them with some modificasiones making it ideal for training duels and especially playing catch flags with a very high level in order to capture flag. I hope you enjoy it.
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    JK2 Party


    See the video below for an overview of the map. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mag3vQspTYw
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