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  1. DarthValeria, nice work! Sure, just edit it as you need. If I knew that you want to edit it, I had sent you the map file and not only bsp ?
  2. Yes of course! How do you want to use it? Its not a full map, so you cant use it for playing. Its just the corridor, the dark room (Rukh scene) and the thron room. Just enough for the scene.
  3. If you want to see my Thrawns command room ? https://youtu.be/UpYSaCWzpBo?t=257 (with timestamp)
  4. Hello, I'm Sec Vieh. the creator of the german Star Wars animated movie "Star Wars - Heir to the Empire - An Animated Movie": I dont know if here are many german users, but independently I would like to ask, if somebody wants to help me to create the second chapter. In particular I need help in searching for the best maps and models (jedi knight/academy) for the next scenes). I'm not sure if the modding forum is better for this purpose, if so, please move this topic! Thank you and best regards Sec Vieh
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