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    This is a really, really cool mod. The customization options add a lot to the character creation and playing as a Chiss or Mirialan is awesome! The one criticism/bummer with this mod though, is that the mouths don't seem to move with dialogue. At least not in the opening cinematic. Not really a problem if you're replaying the SP for the millionth time, don't care about the cutscenes, or can simply ignore that aspect but I figure it's worth a note.
  1. I'm having some issues. Initially, I downloaded the Moddb version and found this & overwrote the files but it resulted in a crash/pop up that said "couldn't initialize refresh" -- I figured out the culprit was the "rdsp-rendsaurus_x86" dll that was the culprit. Loaded it up and I can use the mouse to move the character around in the creation menu however whenever I attempt to select tint, it doesn't seem to work. Do I still need the other pk3s from the older version of the mod or no...? EDIT: Whoops, yeah I need the other pk3s. All better.
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