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    Congratulations, man! That’s marvelous! Curious that your mod was released almost the same day that I published mine, The Jedi Abides, whose proposal is also to replace all of Jaden’s lines. And that’s not easy, man! We should have made a team! ?
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    NEW SHIT HAS COME TO LIGHT! After a couple of years striving secretly I’m able to present you… The Jedi Abides: A Big Lebowski mod for Jedi Academy. Here you impersonate Jaden Lebowski —The Dude —, the counterpart of our favorite junkie bon vivant Jeffrey Lebowski from our galaxy far, far away. He is the man for his time and place, and is now on his way to the Jedi Academy. Many elements from the movie — and little surprises as well — were added to the playthrough. The Dude is not only visually a playable character, but also his dialogues were modified to pave the way for the new journey. As a result, it is possible to play the mod from beginning to end without the original narrative losing any sense. Well, actually… when I said all the dialogues, I meant all of them except for the dark side ending — for now. Given the whole COVID-19 and lockdown circumstances, I decided to release the mod before finishing this part. This way, the fans of Big Lebowski and Star Wars around the world can have one more option of entertainment, being able to soothe the soul in the present quarantine times. Speaking of which, since I have no intention of making any profit from this mod, in case anybody miraculously happens to find a suitcase carrying a million dollars and considers supporting this project, I would rather have it donated to the NO KID HUNGRY — a NGO created by Jeff Bridges, the Dude himself, who is now making efforts to support children in need during the coronavirus crisis. In times like these, any amount of money is urgent and welcome. Here is the website: https://www.nokidhungry.org/ And that’s all! I appreciate your attention and wish you a good time with the mod. Far f. out! IMPORTANT - This mod is meant to be played on Single Player only. - Jedi Academy must be patched to version 1.01 to work. I guess. - Some bugs may occur if the player dies in Hoth levels. I couldn’t fix it. Sorry. - The models were originally made by DT85 and Aaron Smith. Should anybody feel like developing a model of a more detailed Dude, just contact me and I’ll include the work with all the credits. - To have subtitles on for all dialogue, open the console (SHIFT + ~) and type “/g_subtitles 1”. HOW TO INSTALL - The beauty of it is in its simplicity. Just move the PK3 file into the “base” folder of your game directory. - In the character selection menu, choose the Dude. Otherwise you might end up finding a stranger in the alps… which is not good, man. The Jedi Abides - Intro: The Jedi Abides - First Mission (Yavin IV):
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    What a nice mod, man! Congratulations!
  3. @@Lancelot Thank you for the answer! I can’t do it, though. There are some fake doors with the same texture in the t3_rift that I want to change – but not all of them. I want to place a different texture in each door. Furthermore, I’d like to put some messages there that you can only read with force sense.
  4. Hello there! I’m finishing a mod for Jedi Academy and need a little bit of help here. There is a level that I want to put some new textures, but as the time is short and mapping is not my specialty, I’d like to know if anyone could do it for me. All I need is a generic image in the place I want so I can edit it afterwards. I won’t tell what it is here because… hum. Surprise! Thank you kindly, and may the force be with all of you.
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