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    I love this mod, random glitches such as AI teamates still attack even though they are on my team. Other is droideka gets stuck at the moment you spawn. Fun mod!
  1. Please update the jurancorpark map!  Pretty please ?

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    2. Aldro Koon

      Aldro Koon

      Speaking of source maps...  This is obviously very personal and what-not, but is there any chance you would consider releasing them for the public? Expecting a no, but still had to ask for editing purposes of turning your quality SW maps into co-operative multiplayer maps for our community.

    3. Masterjedi170


      As you mentioned, it may be old but it is a masterpiece  You did say before you were going to take out a version 2 with raptors but never got updated.  Believe it or not I still host this map online and have a small community!

    4. Masterjedi170


      I am sure you have plenty of things to do, but what if on another map the Jurassic world?  I am sure somebody with your skills and experience can recreate such a level.  Like I said, there are still people who play this games and I prefer choosing your levels.  Maybe as a side project in the future?

    I love this map. But can you please add the raptors like you were going to? Or update the map pretty please? This is one of the best map ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aFAWwltgQw
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