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  1. I was in KAS, what squad where you in?
  2. We have updated our rank system. AoS now has three rank branches, being Rogue the new one for those bored of having to choose between the usual Jedi and Sith. Now our members can also rank-up by challenging other members to a race to 5 (10 for elite ranks), making contributions to the clan, winning clan tournaments, among many others. Once in the elite ranks you can focus on Force, Saber (or both), and get exclusive prizes that will remain a secret for now Updated discord link: https://discord.gg/TQdxHtx
  3. host is down so there's no links anymore.
  4. dark

    Site Down?

    I have a VPS for hosting a mirror and I could try to contribute to the project. Back then I added some emotes to JA++, could try adding some more stuff or bugfix. Least I could do is to keep mirroring the latest contents of the website including download links. Do you still have them by any chance? I remember they were dropbox links but I lost most of it. PS: @@Caelum I had another account named @@ineedblood but tbh I forgot the e-mail that I used, any chances of getting a hint so I can reset my old account? Also thinking on updating the clanmap
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