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  1. Tray


    Map looks cool but fps drops makes this map completely UNPLAYABLE. 18 fps on 1080Ti, press F to pay respect.
    Very nice map, but fps drops are significant ? Wanted to use for a tournament, but can't because of that.
  2. Tray


    Awesome map, especially good for hide and seek games
    Map is awesome, but jesus christ, why always so many problems with respawns... 1 single respawn in duel and tffa as well... Why is it so harsh to place at least 6 respawns for each map for 3x3 mode?
  3. Tray

    Training Shrine

    It crashes my game client once I try to check it by devmap
  4. Tray

    Crait Duel

    Very low fps and it's definitely not a map for a duel (too huge). But looks nice, yes
  5. Awesome program, but is there any version for Linux?
    Amazing map for duels or 2v2, well done
  6. Tray

    R2-D2 with tray

    Finally! I dreamt about this for my entire life ?
  7. Glad to hear! Lemme know here please once its'done!
  8. JKG is still alive? oO Glad to hear! How that matches went? Is there any media of it? Or any new media about JKG
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