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  1. Hi everyone, need help coding one thing in JA. Can someone tell me what to do so that when the npcs push me away, I do a somersault or just an automatic jump, but do not fall into a knockdown? it seems to me that the situation lies in the section AI_Jedi.cpp , or in other sections, but I can't find a piece of code that makes other npcs jump backflip after a push
  2. the problem is that now the skin of my character when I click bind q playermodel default, I get stormtrooper. and the character that was before should remain
  3. I usually bind a key to the playermodel defaultja command. it turns out my command looks like this: bind q playemodel defaultja. you have seen the name itself, I have set up my npc file
  4. https://disk.yandex.ru/i/eq7hOyamgLnaKg - this is my screen, unfortunately I can't upload it directly to you
  5. The game is finally working, thanks for the help, now something else. I bind the playermodel command to the character I created. In it, I specified playermodel player. But an attack aircraft appears. Previously, this was not in the kotf fashion. And the player model did not change, but was the same as I set initially. Why is it now?
  6. Hello dear Jedi Knight modders. I am having a problem namely with the Galactic Legacy (SWGL) mod when starting a mission or map in the game. She crashes !!! This happens after I compiled the executable files of the game (dll and exe) But my friend who also uses this mod, my assemblies work fine. And he sent me his such files. But they do not work for me ... Please tell me what it can be. How can I fix this? P.S .: my build: Windows 7 pro x64, Visual studio 16 2019, cmake 3.21.3
  7. Good day to all! None of the coders collected the source code of the Star Wars Galactic Legacy mod?? When I build, even without my changes in the code, when opening a map or starting a mission, the game crashes. I tried to move the compiled files to the game folder. And the file that is responsible for the sp game library swglgamex86.dll (jagamex86.dll ) it doesn't work for me. When I try to debug, I get an error: ntdll.pdb not loaded Unhandled exception at 0x7731E9A3 (ntdll.dll 0xC0000374: The head was corrupted (parameters: 0x77354270). Do you have any ideas how to solve my problem? I really hope for help! P.S.: My build: Windows 7 x64, CMake 3.21.3, Visual Studio 2019 v. 16.11.3.
  8. Hey, guys I have a question of a part of the game code ... When am I useing two sabers in the game? How can it be done so that when switching to a single saber, it was possible to apply super blows and fast-style rods, and then back when switching to a second saber to work and dual style work?
  9. Hello everyone, coders and modders. Tell me, what part of the source code in Jedi Academy is responsible for ensuring that NPCs automatically pushes missiles and projectiles? I know this part is related to the forcethrow code, but how exactly can I change it so that my player can do the same???
  10. I have one more question for you: many NPCs when you shoot them, they automatically push missiles and projectiles, do you happen to know how to find this code to register it for the player?
  11. I edited to 200, but it's not enough, it doesn't push like npc
  12. I edited to 200, but it's not enough, it doesn't push like npc
  13. Hello everyone, I recently found the value of the push force speed like that of the npc, but having slightly reduced the values from 500 units to 200, I noticed that the player began to push faster but slightly fast as the npc, moreover, the npc started pushing even faster than before. How can I change the speed of the force push so that I am on par with the NPC ??? One more thing, it seems to me that the push force is somehow related to the pulling force. How to explain this ???
  14. Что означает в коде ja вот это значение: forcePushTime = level.time + 600. Связано ли это со скоростью толчка для игрока?
  15. Dear coders, please Tell me how to do a force push for a player like NPCs, they have it very fast, I just wish I had the same, what do you need? P. S sorry for the clumsy English because I'm from Russia
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