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  1. Having a little problem with the saber, I don't know which one goes with it I try Rots saber and it doesn't work so I just chose a anakin saber but when I spawn a darth vader or a anakin Skywalker npc they have "dick sabers" so yeah. please tell me which is the correct saber..
  2. Going to be making young Kylo Ren Lightsaber hope it goes out well

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    2. Circa


      are there good sources out there for it?

    3. Kyiro


      Right now I am just trying to get some good pictures of it from the Last Jedi

      So I am constantly watching the scene over and over again

    4. Circa


      You might want to wait for the bluray to come out in a couple months. Any video you get now is a crappy recording of a theater screen.

  3. I know it is sad and it can make you mad. But I know that he is going to be a force ghost and he will help Rey like Obi-Wan Helped Luke. I felt the same for Han Solo I really liked his character, Even though Luke is my favorite (Anakin Skywalker is my favorite character in all Star Wars) But Luke is dead... But not really dead. he will never be dead. Just like Obi-Wan, He dies but we knew that he is very important to the story just like Luke will be and of course It's just like the new hope so yes... But me personally I loved the scene how he fooled Ben. I did hate how Luke dies by just using the force, which is stupid, But my favorite scenes was Kylo And Rey fighting scene, Yoda cameo, Luke Vs Kylo and the scene where the old rebellion ships vs the First Order. But I would give the movie overall rating a 7.6 out of 10, so yeah it was a good movie but there were some scenes that we stupid like Flying Leia scene, Luke Dying, Kylo Buff scene and Rey's training (it was kind of cringy for me)
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