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    So recently I've started playing Jedi Academy again remembered about my modding ordeal. And i wanted to give it a shot again. My earlier mods were quite simply jokes, nothing but horrible jokes. I'm not saying this little mod is anything special either, being honest all i did was give Chewbacca a lightsaber and force powers. It was either i do that, or a juiced up immortal Jawa duel wielding Sith swords, and i doubt JKHub would share my sense of humor. The screenshot's show them using a single lightsaber but right after i took the screenshot i changed it so they have saberstaff's, as a nod to Wookiee War Blades. Strength-wise they are pretty tough, they have plenty of health but aren't boss class NPC's. Anyway, I'm prepared to be berated for such a lazy creation. The Jedi/Good version is called "Wookieej" while the Sith/Bad is "Wookiees"
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