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  1. I'm wondering if it's possible to use this animations for vanilla jaden
  2. Hi jeff, first of all let me say THANK YOU! for exporting this, this is my favorite armor from the game (when i used to play it anyway) I modifed the textures a little bit using your kao cen darach as base pk3 Now i can play as my swtor character in movie duels Sadly i can't play with this model on vanilla JKA, it gives me a "Error: Ran out of transform space for Ghoul2 Models. Adjust MiniHeapSize in SV_SpawnServer." whatever that means EDIT: I deleted a lot of trash from my base folder (pk3s and other mods i didn't need) and now the model works on vani
  3. Hello guys ! Would anyone be kind enough to replace the head of this skin ( https://jkhub.org/files/file/2414-mercenary-kyle/ ) with kyle's head unmodded ? I'm not sure if its possible,anyway thanks !
  4. You need to use the skin with a new game,if you use it on a saved game then you gotta load the level again (with commands)
  5. Hello guys i was wondering if anyone could add singleplayer suppport to this Mara Jade skin please, i am in love with this skin xD the link is here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1677-dt-marajade/ If you can do it for only one skin then I'll choose the one without the cape anyway ,thank you ^^
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