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  1. ok, sry for posting this. after surching one hour i found the error. i only allowed one playerskin, so... never mind.
  2. I think the title is already explaining my problem. It happened one day. So i decided to delete some mods. But it didn´t helped. i hope you can help me with this problem
  3. i´ve got a question and i don´t know where to ask. is there a way to fight with a playermodel (like stormtrooper) in the sp against other stormtroopers. Because everytime i wanted to kill them they didn´t atack me and ddnt died I´sorry to write this in this chat
  4. i love this mod, but there is one problem: when i play the tatooine mission, the programm wants to spawn a wequuy and then it´s crashing and bugging. So maby someone can help me, or the creator itself? Thx
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