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  1. YouTube playlist links. Pick one, click "play all", have a nice day.
  2. You know, it's really hard to hold a cohesive argument when we're arguing about two completely different things. I'm out of this discussion.
  3. I'm not saying I've proven you wrong. I was bringing to light your obvious contradiction in this post. You said that some things won't work without icarus. Right after that, you said it's fun to prove people wrong who say something won't work. So you inadvertently said it's fun to prove yourself wrong. Is that clear now?
  4. And the point I was making is it's fun and interesting to prove you wrong in that statement.
  5. So basically what you're saying is, if you don't use scripting, some things "will never work".
  6. Pff, like I know how to script. This method is way more interesting and fun.
  7. http://www.moviebattles.com/ Downloading this and looking through its selection is a good (and by good I mean impractical) way to know if skins for these things exist already. I don't know if there's a separate/original release for the wookiees, because I'm too lazy to search for it, but they exist.
  8. Why? It's pure artistic beauty that murders everything. Well he did say he'd do tfu. Following your thought, a h'nemthe would be sweet.
  9. Well if you're going to go tfu 2 (or any tfu for that matter),
  10. Hey eifion! No such thing as enough lurking
  11. Oh uh... Star Wars, right... *cranks down badass to a reasonable level*
  12. Sweet, it works! Thank you so much
  13. Thanks for the help, that picture really seemed like it would work. Really. I can't see any flaws in it. It's really clear and easy to see how it works. The trigger toggles the bottom two, m0 (cropped out of the 2d view, sorry) which goes to the second two, m1 and m2. m1 has the 'inactive' box checked. Both sides have an activator, targeting the other side's relay, a deactivator targeting its own relay, and a music file. Two possibilities attempted: 1. m1 targets the three entities titled music1. m2 targets the three entities named music2. Result: Each time I press the button, music2's file restarts. 2. m1 targets music1, and applies target2 and target3 to m1a and m1d. m2 has the same, but with music2, m2a, and m2d. Result: First press activates music2's music, every subsequent press does nothing. In the latter I switched the order of target2 and target3, thinking it was important whether it hit the deactivator or activator first, but there was no change. I've checked, re-checked, and re-re-checked all the targets and targetnames and entity types to make sure everything is in order.
  14. That doesn't work if I only have one trigger for on/off. It has to target one, both, or none, not one at a time. The only way to branch off into separate alternating inputs I can find is target_randoms or target_relays with the random key (By the descriptions they work the same way). However that's random, and so I gather it won't reliably alternate. Then again I could be missing something obvious again.
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