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  1. I must say I liked this a lot, however the floor texture on the main areas on mp/ffa3 is really terrible in my opinion... at least for a replacement. Looks very much out of place :P


    Ok... I'll look into that. the Multiplayer maps are not the ones I focus on though, so changes to textures of the Single Player mode (a lot of textures are re-used in MP mode sometimes for different stuff!!) will result in unintended changes to MP maps which may sometimes look out of place. I'll try to find compromises with those texture so thex look good in both game modes but that may not always be possible...

  2. Nice man, I hope to see more of this in the future. The texture resolutions are one of the big graphical downfalls for JA, in my opinion.

    True that!

    Why don't we make a Version of your high quality level shots with my mod, for those who use it? That would be one step closer to a "JKA Graphics Overhaul" Mod ;)

  3. Thank you for your feedback concerning the look of the scratches!


    Seems mostly that you just took original textures and applied filters to them rather than recreate the textures in high quality via a 3d package and then repainting them. Which would be an actual texture overhaul.


    Isn't that exactly what I explained in the description above? It is indeed a texture overhaul because there are a lot of custom textures in the packs I release, together with the highly improved original textures. You won't see any blurry pixels and compression artifacts resulting from the low original resolution of the textures anymore - which results in a hi-rez game experience. Taspir was the first level I used this new method on (using texture overlays with rough structures like scratches), which takes up way less time than recreating similar textures from scratch in photoshop or a 3d program -  that would take ages for one person recreating thousands of textures in the way you proposed, believe me i tried in the beginning, but settled for something less time-consuming in combination with custom textures which i create where i find it necessary. About 1 hour of work for one texture is too much work for me on my own, I'm working full-time in a job in post-production, I'm sure you understand ;)


    If somebody would help me with the mod, recreating all the metal textures that would be awesome, but remember, JKA does not support normal-maps, so plain high reolution 2d textures are as good as it gets for now (the source code was released in and maybe in a year it will be possible to use normal-maps - then i will rework everything and creat normalmaps where necessary)

  4. This looks pretty cool. Are you planning on doing other maps?

    Sure, I already did and next pack will be vjun, which is nearly finished. Also coming up is korriban and i will then release the first "full version", the release 1.0 Which will include all levels i retextured: Hoth (i redid a lot of things over the past week), Tatooine, Yavin (redone with new workflow in addition to old one), Taspir, Blenjeel (redone with new workflow in addition to old approach) and vjun and probably korriban, plus all ship textures and some monster in new high rez version. the pack will probably be about 2.5 gigs ;)

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