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  1. well these forums are useless. thanks for the warm welcome everyone i appreciate it... eat shit all.
  2. the new updates to 3.0 of this mod break your game. Brings up an error when you try and start your game and you have to reinstall everything all over again. beware. Also if you want to talk to these idiots, just go on their website and click chat. They hermit in the discordapp providing no support whatsoever.
  3. extremely well done, please make Rey a priority and maybe even darth malak? if youre feeling froggy
  4. Hello everyone, i am brand new to this forum and i find it amazing the work people have been doing over the years for this game. Over the years ive played this game off and on, always downloading and installing movie duels 2 because its one of my favorite games of all time (I consider it a game in itself since you cant get that kind of experience anywhere else). I recently installed jedi academy again and movie duels 2 to get my fix of star wars battles from the movies. I decided to check and see what new mods people have been creating (which brought me to this site), Having said that, i was shocked when i searched for a new movie duels version and it was still the same one i played years ago. Then I found out that they had been working on movie duels the original trilogy, but I guess they decided to scrap the idea? I found a youtube video of someone playing the demo of it and it looked like the first part (a new hope) was done or mostly complete. It looked amazing and i really want to play it, but it looks like they didnt even release that. I wish they could have just added that one part as an addon before scraping the whole project. Anyway, I started seeing many great new player models on here, like DT maul and Ahsoka 1.0. I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried to replace some of the player models in movie duels with newer versions or versions made from different people that arent the same as the ones they used in movie duels? So far ive tried my hand at doing it, with varying results. I replaced the maul model in movie duels with DT maul. It worked for the most part except when hes hooded and wearing his robes, you cant see his face on any other parts of his body like his chest, legs or hands. His saber also looks like its floating since his hands arent there. When he isnt wearing his hood and robes however, everything looks perfect (atleast from what i can tell). I havnt even attempted to try and replace is lightsaber with the files from DT maul, that looks like a whole other can of worms lol. I also replaced the ahsoka model, she came out very well (again atleast from what i can tell) but shes still using the same lightsaber as before. I then attempted to replace it with the saber files inside the download, but it didnt really work right and her saber doesnt really look like it changed at all. The only thing that seems different is i can switch stances, but when i cycle through them all, it gets stuck on the last stance and wont change again. Is there anyone that can help me replace some of the aging player models in movie duels 2? I searched on here to see if anyone had attempted this before, but I didnt find anything. Maybe im the only one who would want to do something as crazy as this? lol. Im not much for multiplayer and I get the most enjoyment out of being able to actually participate in the saber fights from the movies. Its very depressing to think that i might never be able to play the fights from the original trilogy, let alone movie duels 2 never being updated again. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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