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  1. Thanks for the nice comments! Was not used in MBII to my knowledge. And sadly, no other RP maps at the moment. This was the last map I made. Thinking about making another, haven't decided on theme yet...working to get Radiant and everything else needed set back up on my laptop.
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    This is a map that was originally submitted to JK3Files way back in 2009. You have stopped at a desert outpost on Tatooine. It's a place where travelers between cities might stop for a rest or some other types of legal or illegal activities. Explore around above and below ground. There are consoles located throughout the map which will spawn unfriendlies if you choose to activate them. Proceed with caution! Search around for weapons other than your light saber, you may need them. If you're running an older PC, I do caution you against spawning all of the NPCs at one time!
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