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  1. @@Sentra We're still alive and kicking! We're still just having commitment problems with our developer (he has no free time, and nor did we - working during summer).
  2. Thank you so much, everyone! Really great help.
  3. Hey, guys. Anyone have any "Real Life" models, weapons and maps? Guns being like Barretta, AK's, etc. Swords and knives. Normal looking humans, and maps of like real streets, real cities etc. A typical City Streets from LA or something would be perfect. Weird request, I know! But if any of you can direct me towards this sort of content I'd really appreciate it. Cheers, Elliot
  4. Looks incredible. Can't believe its the same game!
  5. Not familiar with IRC Channel... how do I go about that? Would love to chat. I mainly just use Skype.
  6. @ @@ent @@Xycaleth @@Onysfx that launcher is just a concept, and since we hope to use Rend2, I guess it will eventually say OpenGL 3.2. We've been a tad quiet with this mod, and for that I apologise. Our lead developer has some important university/internship work to take care of, and then we're straight back to working on this as the summer holidays arrive!
  7. Thoughts on Laura Dern: Thoughts on Benecio Del Toro: Thoughts on Rey's parentage:
  8. I see... so this is just implemented into the Warzone Mod? I'm pretty new, so I'm trying to catch up on how this and things like rend2 works.
  9. This is insanely cool. Is this just one map in particular, or?
  10. @@Onysfx - Mine can't either at the moment! But yes, as seen in the launcher concepts players will be able to choose if they want advanced graphics like that. @@Stoiss - Indeed! At the moment our schedule is basically... Implement OpenJK > Menu's/GUI/Launcher > Advanced fancy stuff.
  11. @@Langerd - Thank you! We're hoping to include Rend2 (in its latest, most developed form) and other graphics enhancing stuff like foliage, texture overhauls, reshades, better effects, better lightsaber blades. Basically just the most refined of everything!
  12. Update: 19/02/2016. New Launcher Concepts. Currently porting to/and implementing OpenJK.
  13. @@Francis - Thanks, we're 99.9% certain we can. The implementation of OpenJK allows us to do this, and so much more. We have a lot more to add to this topic, including the in-game HUD and the combat upgrade. Just waiting to really get good video footage of it all in the flesh. @@Anakin98 - Totally, dude. This mod is almost purpose built for an upcoming RP community/server that has plans to revolutionize how they're usually conducted. But, because it is Open Jedi Project after all, we're dedicated to keeping it universal for any other community to use. @ - Thanks, man. If you're a fan of
  14. Thanks! Just got to do gunnery and some of the others. We're 99.9% certain we can get it to look exactly like this.
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