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  1. I'm attempting to do what you did. Boy, I will probably learn a couple of stuffs along the way! I never compiled builds before... Any assistance would be appreciated. ^^
  2. Wow! This very well might be the best lightsaber effects mod to date. It's very good quality work and it's as faithful to the film as can be. Congratulations, and many thanks Kalamaray!
  3. Hello. I'm still getting the error. It happens when I click on the shortcut. It doesn't even have the time to start the game as the error occurs almost immediately. OpenJK used to work before but now it says that it fails to load the renderer : I do not have other mods with code like yours. Only OpenJK, Jedi Academy Enhanced and some of your older patches are installed. That is not the issue as I have tried running your mod on a clean install and ran into issue after issue. / No custom settings or cvars. And finally, I'm running on Windows 7 SP1 64 bit. Thank you for your help,
  4. I'm having a hard time making it function. I've done everything right but I keep getting this error:
  5. I'm unable to make the dismemberment work since I installed OpenJK. Well, it's like you said.. only one enemy will lose a head or be cut in half every now and then. How should I proceed to do the same thing as you? Edit: The cvars work in Jedi Academy Enhanced.
  6. Thank you sir. That did work for me!
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