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Dusty's Patch: Jedi Academy SP (Test)

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About This File

Updated 7/11/16: The animations mod must now be downloaded separately (to avoid legal issues?). I also realized I made some mistakes in the installation instructions in the readme. If you are having problems I suggest re-downloading to make sure you installed properly. Other small fixes to the documentation.


Warning: This mod is not compatible with existing save games. Just use cheats to remake your savegame.


This is a test run for a modded Jedi Academy single player. All the features are code-side except for the animations (download Dusty's Patch: Animations to get them). The code uses as a base the OpenJK build that existed at the time of release, so if your system has issues with OpenJK, you most likely will have problems running this.


Feel free to report issues, give feedback, or suggest features. Remember though, I'm just one person.



Changes from base JA/OpenJK...


New Cvars


g_autoRoll* - default is 1, if 1 default JA behavior, if 0 you have to be holding USE to roll

g_char_forcePowerMax* - requires level restart, controls number of player force points

g_char_forceRegen* - requires level restart, controls force point regen rate of player

g_char_parryBonus* - same as .sab file setting but applied on savegame load for player

g_char_breakParryBonus* - same as .sab file setting but applied on game load for player

g_handicap* - can go up to 200 now

g_saberDamageScale* - this scales saber damage, and is saved with your savegame. This effect stacks on top of the effect caused by g_saberMoreRealistic.

g_saberDeflectAutoAim* - if 0, blaster deflections are not auto-aimed but go in the direction of the crosshair with randomness

based on Saber Defense level

g_saberForceDrains - if 1 special moves drain the amount of FP from the next cvar, katas not affected

g_saberForceDrainAmount - if g_saberForceDrains is 1, special moves drain this amount of FP, katas not affected

g_saberLockSuperBreaks* - if 1 default JA behavior of saber locks, if 0 no super breaks (1-hit KOs) ever happen after saber locks

g_saberMoreRealistic* - no longer write-protected

g_weaponVelocity*, g_weaponAltVelocity* - use this to multiply the speed of most projectiles


Gameplay mechanics


Force powers (activated with g_forceNewPowers 1)


- Force Jump height for all levels increased by 25%

- Force Pull level 1 pulls weapons only, level 2 can knockdown, level 3 can pull toward you a little bit

- ***Force Sense gives limited snipershot dodging ability (you might need to hold down Use)

- Force Speed decreases FP cost of sniper shot dodging at Level 3 (for auto-dodging anyway)

- **Force Protect 1/2/3 gives only 10/20/40% damage reduction against saber attacks instead of 25/50/75%

- Force Heal costs slightly fewer force points at Level 3 if I remember correctly




- Improvements to NPC AI pertaining to the use of JA-exclusive abilities...

NPCs only use Force Rage if close to the player and if have > 25% HP, only kick if close to the player,

only use katas if close to the player

- NPC Jedi will try very hard to dodge your attacks if you knock their saber throw to the ground (before they were more apt to just stand there)

- NPC Jedi get up much more quickly from knockdown on higher difficulties (no easy marios for the win)

- NPC Jedi will activate their saber very quickly after being gripped or drained based on difficulty and rank

- Force-only Cultists react properly to explosives, sniper shots, and saber throws now

- Force-only Cultists will very rarely throw in a quick punch if you get right in their face

- Non-saber wielding NPCs with Class_Reborn try extra hard to dodge saber attacks and throws (because they can't block)

- Light Jedi with non-dark Jedi AI (class_reborn, class_desann, etc.) classes don't attack surrendered or unarmed enemies now at all

- **Grenadier Grans will alternate punches/thermal detonators even if your saber is out if you are really close to


- **NPCs surrender more like JK2 (the animation is more consistent, once they decide to surrender they will usually stay surrendered)

- Allied NPCs receive 150%/125%/100% HP for Padawan/Jedi/Jedi Knight difficulties now instead of 100%/125%/150% like enemies

- Assassin Droids now fire even with their shields up

- Class_Rodian with E11 and Class_Imperial at commander rank use alt-fire now always



Saber System (activated with g_saberNewCombat 1)


- Saber Offense gives a base "attack power" (AP) (+2/+4/+6)

- Saber Defense gives a base "defense power" (DP) (+2/+4/+6) and a number of block points (BP, is equal to 1 + your SD level IIRC)

- "attack power" is modified by saber style (-2/0/+2/-1/+1/-1/+1 for Fast/Med/Strong/Duals/Staff/Tavion/Desann)

- Desann style is as strong as Red if you are CLASS_DESANN, otherwise it does not cause knockdown as often as Red, and is slightly


- style attack chaining altered:

can only chain 2 slashes if running, staff and duals cannot chain infinitely (5 slash maximum now), chain counts are also not

random (Medium can always chain 5 slashes while walking for example)


How saber combat then works:

- AP > DP = attack blocked but lose a number of BP equivalent to AP - DP

- all BP lost = guard crushed

- BPs regenerate about 1 per second if walking/standing still (total BP = your Saber Def. level + 1 if I remember correctly)

- special attacks ignore BP: either crush guard or are blocked partially


Other saber-related changes (always active regardless of g_saberNewCombat)

- player's ability to parry saber attacks and blaster fire is improved while walking or standing still for Medium and Strong


- Saber Defense 0 no longer causes blaster fire to pass through the player

- A saber with autoblocking 0 now has a very narrow blocking arc for the player (so you can't cheat and block super easy)

- Holding Use and standing still will let you try to manual block blaster bolts as it currently does in Base JA, however the arc is super narrow


Melee changes


- Player can use kicks with any saber type by default, you must use +forcefocus to saberthrow (bind this to a key, maybe your mousewheel click-down)

- Player's melee abilities determined by Saber Offense level (1 = punches and kicks, 2 = katas, 3 = spin kicks)

- if you're not cheating (using g_debugMelee or iknowkungfu)... Player melee katas have less range, must be aimed more precisely, and do not work on certain types of enemies

- Spin/Flip kicks are only enabled for Saber Offense 3 but do slightly more damage

- Spin Kicks are possible on demand by holding Use and pressing the Alt Attack button, however costs 10 FP (the auto version doesn't cost any)

- **Knockdown from a kick to Jedi happens only if your Saber Offense >= their Saber Defense

- Player punches do 7/5 damage now instead of 6/3 and aren't randomized

- **Force Speed punching is more consistent now and less cheap (never did actually test)

- **Heavy/Slow Melee punching is specifically associated with Chewbacca, Class_Gran, and Class_Trandoshan, other NPC types will punch

more quickly but weakly if given WP_MELEE


Other additions


- visual effect for blocking Force Lightning with your lightsaber (it's subtle but there, it just plays a reverse-direction version of the Lightning level 1 effect, will make this a separate file)

- rolls and acrobatics are possible in 1st Person now


Future ideas


Things to do -

- *savegame screenshots

- *separate cvar for player HP and Shields

- reborn masters with debounce to limit constant saber throwing + lightning

- *NPCs avoid cliffs

- *extra fields in Weapons.dat such as NPCDamageMult, NPCAltDamageMult, saber ignition/deignition time

- force push strong version, mindtrick changes

- doing a full slash when starting saber off regardless of movement

- *camera controls (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th person)

- better AI for NPCs deciding to surrender



* would like to implement into OpenJK

** not completely tested but should work

*** incomplete/unfinished/not working completely


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