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  1. Hadn't considered that. I'll give this a try in the morning. Again, it was never a map destroying issue but something i'd come across a lot. Cheers for the help guys, will let you know
  2. I admit, that was a poorly constructed paragraph in a moment of blind frustration lol. Basically: Create brush, turn into func_wall, create trigger brush and link the two. compile. When I try to activate the func_wall brush in game, nothing happens on first attempt, but if I try to activate the func_wall a second time it works as expected. Now say I do the same again except tick the 'start off' key, then compile, when activated in game the func_wall triggers first time as expected. The issue is just when the brush doesn't have the 'Start off' key selected, when you try to trigger the brush in game, it takes two activation attempts, and i've no idea why..
  3. Heh I'll just assume I put my question across poorly or no one knows what I'm talking about Not to worry. Cheers anyway
  4. Hey guys, quick question, hopefully. This has been bugging me for as long as I can remember but I've never found out why it happens and/or what I'm doing wrong. When using func_wall as a toggleable brush, in this case as a prison cell wall, if I leave the brush active, when clicking on the activator in game (to turn off the wall) it takes two attempts to toggle the wall. Yet if I mark the wall to start off it works perfectly fine first time. What am I doing wrong? Any thoughts? Cheers Sehkola GTKRadiant 1.5 for JKA.
  5. Heh the Jedi Transport is pretty crappy. It was my first map. It's 6-7 years old, perhaps more. As for Alzoc, It wont be added to as I no long have the .map file. I will remake it a little reduced in size at some point in the future but once I'm done with my new Enclave map. But this is the wrong thread for that. I may consider making a development thread for that.. hmm
  6. Thanks I keep meaning to officially release it here for you guys but I've not gotten to it yet. I'm working on a new Enclave right now but I'll try get you an official release link ready soon.
  7. Apparently, I'm a mapper..

    1. Link


      *looks at empty mapping tutorials area, then back at you* Hey ^_^ welcome to JKHub XD

    2. Sehkola


      Heh yeh I was around when this place was being schemed up but then was distracted :P

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