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  1. Title says it all! I got this Hilt Pack and I'm trying to get it working in Single player. It's already somewhat configured for the New Game menu but I'm also using the Ingame Character and Saber menu v2 by Circa. I've figured out that I can get SOME of the hilts popping up in both, because SOME of the hilts are rightly configured to work. The problem I have is that there are a lot of hilts in this pack, and I can't see 90% of them in-game, and I haven't been able to find the .sab file/s containing the ones that DO show up. I've noticed that the saber menu is configured to display 29 extra single hilts, even though there aren't actually hilts assigned to those slots. Screenshot below shows the .menu file so you can see what I mean. [Forum's not letting me embed the image so here's a standard link to it. @_@ http://sta.sh/0trvq73u45s ] So yeah I've linked the hilt pack, and you've got that screenshot and a description of what's going on. Any help fixing this would be great. I suspect all I have to do is rename some of the .sab files to correspond to the vacant slot listings, but I'd love it if someone could provide some feedback and/or general tips on how to expedite the process of adding these hilts to the menu, because I don't particularly want to choose some, I'd rather have them all loaded (which sounds ridiculous but let's just ignore what's wrong with the idea and see if it's do-able ).
  2. I was looking in the .pak3 of this because I want to get it to work with custom hilts, if I were to just rename the saber.menu file that would enable all hilts on a new game to ingamesaber.menu in this .pak3 file it'd probably work wouldn't it? I was looking through it and I didn't see anything that really sets it apart from the standard one, other than the selectable fight styles maybe.
  3. I'm the only Australian here. Who's voted at least.
  4. I will absolutely install this if/when saber-throw is an alt attack again. Muscle memory probably couldn't handle it different.
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