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  1. EpIII Sabers & Effects

    I had finished this one so long ago before i stopped playing/modding. It was initially for a request but ended up taking awhile due to trying to once and for all perfect the recreation of the very distinct saber flare effects from Episode III that i could never get right in my earlier modding attempts. The saber blades in this game are already quite similar to Ep III so i tried to add as much detail to the textures as i could to make it more then just another shaped white line mod, and spent a lot of time trying to get the trails matched up with the curved arc and thickness.

    The flare impacts are dynamic in the way they work so when the effect stacks for instance in a clean saber swing through a model, the effect will be large and explosive, but a nick will be a tiny flicker etc. I spent a lot of time tweaking each version (model impact, saber on saber, and blaster impact) to make them truly accurate to the movie scenes and function appropriately. I was so proud of finally getting the flares just right so i finally forced myself to put the details together and get it uploaded, hope ya'll like it.


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  2. TFA Live Blades+Effects

    My attempt at re-creating in detail the lightsaber effects, sparks, blades and the animation of each blade from The Force Awakens. Since there was only one regular lightsaber color in the movie i did my best to imagine what the other colors might look like using the color layering, contrast/saturation and brightness of the blue blade as an example. I modified Darth Martyr's shader to create the animation sequences for the blades so big thanks to him for letting me use it.
    While i put alot of time and attention into every aspect of this mod, i really wanted to bring the effects out by re-creating each unique spark in the various effects from every aspect of their appearance, to the gravity and velocity of each one. The lightsaber clash was difficult as there was a few variations of it so i went with a more neutral one color wise, as opposed to the deep purple/violet. However if for some reason someone would like the latter version let me know as i made it as well recently just for fun.
    Installation: Put the TFA_Live_Blades+Effects.pk3 in your base folder along with one of the saber animation pk3's depending on what you want. The main file contains the effects and regular saber blades.
    Blade_Animations.pk3 - TFA animations for regular blades with a normal red blade.
    Blade_Animations+KyloRed.pk3 - TFA animations for regular blades but with Kylo Ren's blade for red.
    Kylo_Blade_Only.pk3 - Just Kylo Ren's saber blade with no animations for regular blades.


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  3. Obi-Wan v4.0 hilt

    A relatively simple skin edit i did to Revan Dark's Ep1 Obi-Wan hilt to recreate an awesome design by vi3x, Which can be seen here http://vi3x.deviantart.com/art/Obi-Wan-s-Lightsaber-v-4-0-96802293
    To use type "saber obiwan_v4" in the console.


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  4. TrueGlo Tapered Blades

    A few weeks ago i tried making some accurate Star Wars Rebels blades, and figured out a way that worked surprisingly well for a more authentic looking inner glow. This inspired me to take another go at some high quality regular blades with a more detailed look to them compared to the saber mods available so far. One thing i've noticed in some of the movies is sabers getting just slightly more narrow as they go up, and having a thicker brighter inner glow inside the darker glow (some scenes/movies this is more visible then others, the well known screencap of Finn in the woods for example). It's always bugged me how sabers in this game with color around the blades end up having a kind of icecream sandwich look, with the color ending up to solid looking bordering a white line as opposed to a hazy glow around an energy blade. The inner glow tapers into the blade at the top and bottom like in some of the movies and I've added some color to the cores that gets brighter toward the middle and bottom to add contrast and detail no matter how close you get to them. I've also changed the yellow blade to the greenish-yellow of Ahsoka's shoto blade, and all textures are in the same level of high resolution as my last blades. One file has a new saberflare that looks pretty good on it's own, the other has no saberflare for anyone using them with my effects package (or a different one). Hope you like them!


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  5. SWTOR Movie blades

    I made these for a request of the saber blades in the cinematic movies for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
    Installation: Drop the PK3 in your base folder.


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  6. Thick Uniform Blades2+High Res

    Since people seem to like these blades i wanted to do more with this file. After alot of trial and error i made an attempt at some movie inspired saber trails and a much better new saberflare that i was happy with, slightly increased the saturation of the glows and blended the edges of the saber lines a bit better. I've also removed that annoying yellow aura around the hand and saber hilt when it's dropped on the ground. Hope everyone enjoys it.


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  7. Thick uniform blades

    These are basically the same lines as my thin uniform blades, thickened up and with refined tips. figured i would make these for anyone that liked my other blades but preferred a thicker core.


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  8. Thin Uniform Blades

    Just some blades i edited to my tastes after trying many others out there, and thought i would share. Also i've found most of the saber glows way to fat and bright/pronounced so i toned these down quite a bit for a more realistic look. A custom saber flare i made is included as well.


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  9. Enhanced Impact Effects + True HD Blades

    Title: Enhanced Impact effects + True HD Blades
    Author: Kalamaray
    File Name: Enhanced_Impact_efx+True_HD_Blades.pk3
    Effects: This basically gives most of the main vanilla guns (including turrets, ewebs etc) and saber impacts/deflections a more dramatic movie-like effect. I've also removed the graphic effects for force push/pull (the line in the autoexec is needed to remove the clear distortion effect), choke, sight, player shield, and greatly reduced the visibility of protection/absord so it's just noticeable enough to tell that they're on. I've also re-made and/or increased the resolution of some of the effects graphics such as flares, sparks, blaster and other energy bolts. This is still somewhat of a work in progress so if anyone has suggestions or requests for any effects feel free to let me know and i'll do my best to include it in the next update if possible.
    Blades: These are an updated version of my most recent blades slightly thickened and brighter with greatly increased resolution (4x the resolution of most HD blades like my last release), this includes the trails and glows of course. There's really nothing to say about these as the quality at this resolution speaks for itself =)
    Additional Notes: the only side effects of the force power changes i know of is assassin droids shields are invisible (due to the the autoexec line), and the glows of npc's through walls with force sight is extremely dim as a side effect of the changes to absorb/protection. Also if for some reason you want to just use the blades and want the new saberflare, it can be found in the "borgeyeflare" jpeg in gfx > misc. the actual "saberflare" jpeg is just a supplemental flare. I almost forgot to mention it but i've also replaced the lightning graphics with the ones from Jedi Outcast as i've always thought it looked much better.
    Installation: Extract both pk3's into Jedi Academy's /gamedata/base directory as well as the autoexec.cfg (or add the line to your own autoexec if you have a pre-existing one).


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  10. Dark Gladius Hilt

    This is Rooxons Gladius hilt model i changed up a bit using some textures from JKHub's HS Dooku hilt (the lower grip i used a small segment from an actual katana hilt image) and some color editing. It turned out better then i expected so i thought i'd share it, All credit for the original model to Rooxon and JKHub for the Dooku hilt textures used.


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