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A few weeks ago i tried making some accurate Star Wars Rebels blades, and figured out a way that worked surprisingly well for a more authentic looking inner glow. This inspired me to take another go at some high quality regular blades with a more detailed look to them compared to the saber mods available so far. One thing i've noticed in some of the movies is sabers getting just slightly more narrow as they go up, and having a thicker brighter inner glow inside the darker glow (some scenes/movies this is more visible then others, the well known screencap of Finn in the woods for example). It's always bugged me how sabers in this game with color around the blades end up having a kind of icecream sandwich look, with the color ending up to solid looking bordering a white line as opposed to a hazy glow around an energy blade. The inner glow tapers into the blade at the top and bottom like in some of the movies and I've added some color to the cores that gets brighter toward the middle and bottom to add contrast and detail no matter how close you get to them. I've also changed the yellow blade to the greenish-yellow of Ahsoka's shoto blade, and all textures are in the same level of high resolution as my last blades. One file has a new saberflare that looks pretty good on it's own, the other has no saberflare for anyone using them with my effects package (or a different one). Hope you like them!


What's New in Version 2


  • After doing the SWTOR blades i wanted to touch these up a bit,
  • made the glows a bit brighter in the middle for a more vibrant look
  • and blended the glow around the core in a little more. Also lightened the trails
  • a bit to match the blades and changed out the screenshots.

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These are brilliant! (pun intended) They look just like they do in TFA! My only complaint is the trail effect which looks really weird. Other than that nice work, your best blades yet!

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Thanks, i made the trails on these more saturated to match the blade cores. You could replace them with the trails from my last blade package though if you prefer more white brighter trails (they're basically the same ones just tweaked a bit).


Forgot to mention if you were talking about the trail shapes, running an older pc with even a little bit of hardware lag/fps drop trails don't "unfold" properly and look really messed up, happens to me alot with my old laptop.

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