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  1. I once ran Windows 8.1 with a Intel Driver. With the regular game I suggest getting completely new Graphics Drivers, I.E Video as the ones that shipped with the manufacture by default are horrible. On the second point, using OpenJKA negated that fact. It is just so much better.
  2. I invoke the holy supreme name of Microsoft, and Windows Vista. Best and most secure OS.
  3. Xycaleth, I...Googled that and somehow I found a "3.0 Video-Card." I wonder if that makes me less, or more.... ---Anywhose buying a new card. What are the best specs for your wonderful baby? My beautiful graphics....Oh Yes. ./Me Signs away soul. You have a slave sir. Task me to something.
  4. I run a video card that I read on the forums, 3.0, that can run Rend2. Intel card, but I cannot run Rend2. In the event I am not ignorant and or stupid, then I may of provided quality information! I hope I did!
  5. Angel Soul, this is a server side edit. Run it on a server in the base folder, and it will change everything. More or less it is a entity modification, server side, of the shader files mostly.
  6. Well for that one site, its completely fine, I will just rebuild. Did not have much of anything really.
  7. CzarHellios

    Donate to JKHub

    Bump. More important than the web-hosting downtime. Heading back to Texas tomorrow, will be trying to fix my CC so I can donate.
  8. I suppose I can thank HostingBeam for going down. Very delicious. On a more serious note, I trust nobody, not even Caelums backups, so you keep your own. On a even genuinely serious note, looking stuff up, HostingBeams setup some websites and or domains with completely new names and or brand names as of a few weeks ago and even as of now, though none of them are online. On other things, Caelum has already said HostingBeam is a incredibly unstable company and has practically done this multiple times before. Though not to this vast of a degree.
  9. Oh well, some people really are just silly. Such silly people. This is why I have Ice Cream and never sleep.
  10. Then their is only one thing we can do...Turn off the bloom....Or complain to the Prophet of our lord and Savior Caelum, Raz0r....Would Circa be the holy Ghost though? Funny how these things just fall in together...Wait, off topic? Not completely. I am bringing new life into this sad, poor thread. It definitely needs more Rend2.
  11. Oh God, I thought people knew better than to look at the comments in Youtube. But on another note, now I feel less special. Glad you returned alive from that realm though, and without a diminished I.Q.
  12. Erm, No? The latest stable/With the most features plus any features older versions have/Etc is the best? Usually how things go.
  13. I am seriously scared you took that reply as serious. Or maybe its because voice tones are not on the internet yet. Its still scary though.
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