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  1. Looks like it's complaining about this file https://github.com/linken233/OpenJK-SWGL/blob/swgl-master/code/game/g_utils.cpp line 758 in particular this bit if (!stricmp(e->classname, "item_shield") || !stricmp(e->classname, "item_seeker") || !stricmp(e->classname, "misc_model_gun_rack") || !stricmp(e->classname, "misc_model_ammo_rack") || !stricmp(e->classname, "ammo_blaster") || !stricmp(e->classname, "ammo_powercell") || !stricmp(e->classname, "item_binoculars") || !stricmp(e->classname, "item_shield_lrg_instant") || !stricmp(e->classname, "item_medpak_instant")) { return e; } seems like the rest of the file uses a function Q_stricmp so maybe compilation error will be fixed if you change all references of stricmp to Q_stricmp
  2. 1. Projectile speed It was apparent to me that the starting weapons in the game have a very low projectile speed. This makes it very hard to hit people and can often have long drawn out fights / duel when playing while I found this funny to begin with got a bit old after while. The only real way to kill someone more quickly is to have another player or get lucky (in my case maybe). I think to fix this if the projectile speed could be increased this would make easier to land shots. I am aware that this would however make long range shots easier and quite liked the close quarters fights. Therefore making the dmg drop off more at range would solve that issue. 2. Weapon effects Some guns in the game had other effects such as poison, burn, explosive. Would be nice to be able to know which guns had these effects before purchasing them. Therefore maybe adding icons in the traders indicating such would help e.g. burn icon for fire weapons etc 3. Jetpack Jet pack to me seemed a little over powered it gave players a lot of velocity and potential to change the way the maps are played. I think the high velocity paired with earlier point regarding projectile speed makes it extremely difficult to hit someone with a jetpack when they are moving and also knowing where they went. Players without one are therefore at extreme disadvantage. While i like the idea of jetpack I think changing it to maybe act more like a double jump and/or causing you to fall slower. Would still give the ability to flank better but also make the person targetable when using the ability. 4. CTF Map The map we played with multiple people for ctf I loved the art style and feel but found it hard to attack the flag when there was a choke hold in middle of map that all players had to pass between. It was only really possible to capture the flag in early game due to weapons being hard to get kills (due to proj speed) and late game when most player had jet packs. I think a few more routes to flank would help with that Sorry about the background color, I just copy pasted from discord and it appeared and idk how to get rid of it.
  3. Yo this looks awesome! Have you considered working with the KotF team? They've found ways of increasing NPC and vehicle limits.
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