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  1. I was looking for a Max Rebo model however I couldn't find one in the archives. I did find this mod which makes a Max Rebo npc however you need to download the model separately from pcgamemods. Which no longer exists. http://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi%20Academy/Mods/Mini-Mods/68826/ Does anyone have a Max Rebo model?
  2. It seems like half of the time I make a patch it doesn't cap properly and I have to do it again. It seems like I'm not getting something with them since whenever I watch a tutorial on making arches/curved areas the patch works every time. Is there a general rule to keep in mind when making patches?
  3. One thing that has usually held me back from investing a lot of time in a big mapping project is how Gtkradiant doesn't show you how your lights look, you have to compile and run the engine to see. I'm sort of used to other editors (Like Unreal Tournament's UnrealEd and Jedi Knight's ZED) which let you see how lights look. Does anyone have any advice on how to make your lighting look reasonably good without compiling multiple times and tweaking it?
  4. There is actually another JKhub. It has the address jkhub.net. It's been around for an eternity and it has a much less usable UI and has largely retreated from use. (It's user account system doesn't work and it doesn't even have PMs). It's been what people have used to organize big Jedi Knight projects for the last 15 years The general consensus I've seen from the community is most wish there was a Jkhub.org esque site. A more modern website that is active and everyone goes to (since the community is kind of aimless and split at the moment). There are still mods in active development today for Jedi Knight. And there's still a lot of users who are experts in the game's scripting language and using it's editor. I see Massassi as eventually going down at some point. It has changed webmasters many times and it comes across like it's only being kept up because of the history of the website and as an archive. Their forum no longer even talks about Jedi Knight anymore. It's files have been archived so there's little danger to seeing it go. It's more so that I foresee a greater community being fostered on a new website for the game. Similar to how players of JO/JA have this website and now everyone goes here.
  5. I'm wondering if the hub would ever consider allowing discussion about Jedi knight or Mysteries of the Sith modding and/or files in the future? The reason why I'm asking is it's very likely the other jkhub (the one with .net) and/or Massassi (god forbid) may completely vanish in the future. And both games still have a relatively active albeit sparse community.
  6. I think the EMP shield is just there so that you are forced to use the lesser used guns like the DEMP. It is the same thing Jedi Outcast did with the fight against Galak.
  7. Has anyone ever made a skin of Luke Skywalker wearing the jacket he wears at the end of Episode 4?
  8. You could always just decompile one of the vanilla game bsps and take Raven's geometry. Most Star Trek Elite Force custom maps were mostly based on premade geometry from Raven's sample uncompiled map files. This is at least the quick and dirty method. Having a dedicated prefab map would be nice (and is almost necessary in some other game engines like Max Payne).
  9. I think the vehicles in Jedi Academy would need to have their controls almost redone to make an X-Wing section bearable. Now a section where you have to fight some AT-STs while Jan in the Raven's claw gives firing support that might be lots of fun.
  10. There's a similar power iirc in Star Wars Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight called "Force Blinding". It prevents a player from using several force powers and blinds the player's vision for a few seconds. It can be countered with another force power called Force Sight. It only has a few uses in the game though since the only force users you fight are bosses. It's more useful in multiplayer.
  11. what do you post after that? Do you have a separate cg_gun for each axis? IE cg_gun x cg_gun y cg_gun z or is it just run like that? EDIT: nevermind I got it to work. I wrote a guide about it on Steam just now. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=833837287
  12. I guess the only real solution is to wait until OpenJK fully releases then?
  13. Has anyone ever managed to fix the buggy brightness settings in Outcast/Academy? I remember them being around ever since I first played the game The basic gist being that the brightness is always either too dark or absurdly bright. And if you alt tab or the game crashes it remains stuck like that until you run the game a second time. Right now on Windows 8.1 and 10 the Brightness seems to cap out at an arbitrary point and never goes over it. Stuff like that. I'm assuming OpenJK fixed it but I was wondering if someone fixed it for the vanilla game. I'd assume maybe using a different opengl.dll would fix it.
  14. Can you seriously fix the vertical FOV in Outcast/Academy? I've been running both games in 4:3 because I really hate having most of the weapon models cut off and having to increase the horizontal FOV to compensate.
  15. You could probably frankenstein something together from a model that has a similar helmet and an imperial officer
  16. In Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy it's huge. It feels like it's the same size as the E11 and yet Kyle holds it with 1 hand when firing. When in Dark Forces 2 it was shorter and stubbier like a pistol
  17. The way he instantly kills Tavion with a single swipe makes me shit my pants every time When I first played the game it took me like 2 hours to kill her
  18. Has anyone else noticed any map mistakes in the Jedi Knight games? I was playing Jedi Outcast and I noticed a texture that is oddly stretched in Kejim_post
  19. There are a few Ash models from actual Evil Dead games. The one I remember the most is from Evil Dead Regeneration. I've thought about porting it in the past but I've heard the JKA community typically frowns on porting so I've avoided doing it.
  20. Escape Yavin 4 is good yeah. Although strangely the opening of the original version is different than the Lost Levels. It gives more context for why Jaden is in a prison and where his lightsaber is. Wheras in The Lost Levels you pick up lightsabers off enemies and there's less context as to why you're there. It sort of reminds me of the differences between the original theatrical cut of Star Wars and the Special editions. Also for some reason it takes place after the Bad ending to Jedi Academy and yet Rosh is somehow alive. And iirc Kyle Katarn doesn't appear despite vowing to hunt Jaden down at the end of the bad ending to JKA. And for some reason Jaden is a silent protagonist despite being a fairly talkative character in the original game. Otherwise there's lots of good singleplayer total conversions. Some not for Jedi Academy but Jedi Outcast. One of my favorites being Nemesis of Katarn by Living Dead Jedi. Which is a Jedi Outcast Total Conversion https://jkhub.org/files/file/536-nemesis-of-katarn/ There's also Mace Windu Party Crasher. Which contains brand new voice acting and a noticeably distinctive aesthetic compared to the vanilla game http://www.moddb.com/games/star-wars-jedi-knight-ii/addons/mace-windu-party-crasher and the Dark Forces remake mod. Which is so hugely polished it's a tragedy that it was left unfinished http://www.moddb.com/mods/dark-forces-a-mod-for-jedi-academy And a bunch like that. Both games had their share of singleplayer total conversions and most are in the filefront archive or on moddb. It's unfortunate that there was such a glut of really really impressive multiplayer maps for both games but a much more sparse singleplayer community.
  21. I'd personally prefer a return to a more traditional Dark Forces style game that is focused solely on blaster combat. I think if a studio were to make a Dark Forces/Jedi Knight game today it'd be solely focused on saber combat with just some slight gunplay here and there (I can imagine things like a button to quickly fire Kyle's Bryar Blaster Pistol at an enemy. I'm thinking of something similar to the Witcher 3's crossbow). Not that that's a bad thing but I think if they were to make a saber focused Jedi Knight game today it'd be merged with an open world game and have a significantly reduced multiplayer focus.
  22. Good job My one complaint is Kyle using a DL-44 blaster pistol. The guy is practically naked without his Bryar blaster pistol
  23. It's an option I've been considering, since Academy is gpl and it's the game I've had the most experience modding for. The code being gpl is very agreeable to me since ideally I'd also want to sell a project like this. The biggest determining factor for me though right now is picking an engine that isn't painful to actually use. Since I've been having lots of trouble using MD2 converters and have been considering Quake 3 since I'm more familiar with it's engine. (and there's a great deal more documentation for editing it that works with modern tools. A lot of the tutorials I've found for importing into Quake 2 mostly require using depreciated programs like Milkshape).
  24. It'll probably be done at some point considering how popular the movie is. The only question is when
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