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  1. How about Robocop? I mean, why not? Sure, he isn't Star Wars, but he is awesome!
  2. WHAT!? You quit!? That's an outrage! Only joking, it's completely okay. If you need a break, take one. No biggie.
  3. Essentially, yeah. But the head with sith eyes. A hood could be cool, if possible.
  4. Hey, no worries! How about something simpler then? Maybe something like this? http://www.sangjunart.com/gallery/laf/starwars/starwars_01.jpg
  5. How about Episode 3 Anakin (With sith eys) with a hooded cape like Luke Skywalker's on Darth Vader's body? If....that's even possible?
  6. Amazing job, but wasn't Skeletor's skull or face rather, greenish blue?
  7. The TFU version looks a little bit more creepy/ bad ass to me and it's a matter of preference.
  8. Hate the face to that one, but it is relatively close.
  9. Amazing! Any chance of doing the Concept Vader?
  10. http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Ultimate_Replacements;119554 Here ya go.
  11. Yeah, true. I'm just a little cranky but as much as I'd like to see jedi hunter, it would be even coolor to see that evil clone Starkiller from the darkside ending.
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