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Does training the light side leads to the longevity?

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As I like Star wars, I like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. There is a special power called 'the Ripple(Hamon)'.

Hamon users can use sun's energy to kill vampires. This power also hurts normal people, too.

There are many variations. I think many jkhub members know it.


As you know, Hamon users tend to live longer than ordinary person.

But how about the Force?  Does the Force lead to the longevity?


I know that big example is Yoda. He lived 900 years and died in 4 ABY.

But maybe his species can live much longer. It cannot be assured that the Force helps user to live longer.

It's certain that life expectancy varies with each species. 


But I think it's limited with the Dark side of the Force. I heard that the Dark side imprisons the users into their body.

So their body keeps rotting(decaying) badly. Their eyes turns to gold or yellow and their skin turns to white.

It seems Dark side users can't live much.


So I don't know the anwser.

How about your opinion?

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Fay is an example of that thing:




Wow, that's the best example I've seen in a long while of a Mary Sue. Makes Rey look like a well written character in comparison!


As far as we've seen, the dark side makes the body of the user's decay and it might be related to why they cling to life so badly. Although there doesn't seem to be any indication in canon that the light side makes you live longer, it just seems to give you a better quality of life in contrast. 

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I think both lightside and darkside will make the user to live longer.


I think that the Empire of the Sith empire(Which was in Kotor games) lived more than 1000 years.


Oh... yes..  I've just remembered...   I read some documents that says sith emperor has a spell of immortality.  That's why revan could live for 300 years in Maelstrom Prison.

Lord Scourge also lived for 300 years because of it.


The Force Ghost also lives longer but it depends on his or her own Force Powers.  Bane and Nihilus lived for over 1000 years maintaining their ghost status.

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In the (pre-Disney) Star Wars universe, supernaturally extended life is more common with the Sith lords and the Dark Side of the Force than with Light Side Jedi masters. Nonetheless, both sides had the potential to extend their lives in practice through the Force.


Generally speaking, the Sith craved power and immortality while the Jedi sought to become one with the Force, to flow with nature and its ways. The classic concept of yin and yang (the soft and hard way) at play here.



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