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Who would win in a battle to the death? (Rogue One vs. Jedi Knight Characters)

Jan Ors&Kyle Katarn vs. Jyn Erso&Cassian Andor  

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  1. 1. Who would win in a circular arena with no escape. Fighters must battle to the death.

    • Jan&Kyle
    • Jyn&Cassian
    • Just Kyle
    • Just Jan
    • Just Jyn
    • Just Cassian

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Since people found similarities between the two pairs, who do you think would win against each other in a real dirty fight? (Katarn is in the same state he was at the beginning of Jedi Knight: Outcast)m1iXkAW.jpg

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Kyle and Jan simply because they worked with each other for years and know how to best use and rely on the others’ certain talents. 


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I guess I'll go with Kyle and Jan, only because, as already mentioned, they were a team, and a good team at that. Kasian and Jyn were just two guys who ended up working together. Sure, Cassian had no qualms with killing friendlies, but I think so did Kyle...I think...

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