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The Third KAK Hydroball World Cup


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So, last week, the great FSM won the expensive-looking and shiny KAK Hydroball World Cup, seeing as no-one remembered to keep score, and I promised you all a chance to win it back from him. Yesturday, we had The Second KAK Hydroball World Cup and it is my great privilege to announce the winner:




Yep, The Flying Spaghetti Monster won again, by influencing the winning teams with his noodley appendages.



But fear not, this Sunday you will get another chance to get your filthy little hands on that expensive-looking trophy!


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We should have bought that server :P. My offer stands.

Well, it doesn't really cause too much trouble for as anyways, as we still get to do our events, and weren't really planning to run the server 24/7 anyways.

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