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Automatic Force Power Script?

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Is it possible to make a script to auto protect yourself, for example if an AI or online player tries to use force grip on you could you set a script for force absorb to automatically activate to prevent you from being gripped and and then turns off as soon as the grip fails? I just hate not knowing when someone is going to force grip me or me trying to use it when I'm already being force gripped. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm not the best with scripts but I would like to learn from you guys, thanks!

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Hmm maybe I'm getting ahead of myself with this script idea I had in mind if it was possible, it would be like an automatic self defense without you having to touch a key to activate the force power.

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Guest Redemption

Open Jedi Project does what you're asking in a way. Protect is a passive power that is active with a certain force power percentage. Its what Im going to do with the power whenever I can get back to modding the game.

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