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Mapping Needs?

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Hey, I've seen some of the recent rend2 updates, and it made me interested in doing a bit of mapping again. What are the current mapping needs for this mod? I was going to post in the "Level Assignments" thread, but discovered that it had been archived. But I'm assuming there is still mapping that needs to be done before the mod is completed.


Archangel mentioned to me that we might want to remake the Gorc & Pic map I did, to include the new rend2 features. Is this a need right now? If so, I would like a bit more information on the work that would be required--I've been using a lot of the same tools for a long time, and I would need to decide whether I want to get used to a whole new set of tools (if that is indeed required for rend2).


If the Gorc & Pic map remake is not an immediate need, I might also be interested in trying my hand at another small map--maybe the Jerec boss level, or the Sariss duel, if either of those still need to be started.

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I've mostly redone the gorc and pic level, and it's basically done.


GL2 lighting hasn't been sorted yet, so we're still using lightmaps. When we have it sorted, I'll use my 07yun level as a "how to".


The most important thing we need done is the level block outs, which are still done in radiant.


I don't think the sariss level has been made, so go ahead with that one. Don't worry about texturing right now though, just caulk everything.

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