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Warzone W.i.P Gameplay

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hey guys i tested out some stuff today and wanted to make a small video of me playing abit, there is really nothing new in this video that not has been show before from our videos. but Uniq did a small video the other day and i wanted to show some more of it. i have most of the GFX settings set up on this for my likeing of how i think it runs best and smooth on my PC


its has more or less stable fps at the cap of 60 fps and shows it when i do a fast map run in this first video. there is also some combat with some npcs but is really that a big deal with that :P i will at some point show some more cool stuff when it is time for it.


hope u like what u see and plz lets us know if there is something u would like to provide with, can be models for rebels npc's or empire, or even animals or bounty hunters, can even be objects of models we can use like a empire/rebels base with parts of models that can be place in the game world with our system that can auto generate and place the models in the world around the player . if u have some good links for this on the forum you are more then welcome to post them in here for me so i can have a look at them :)



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It looks very nice, but those enemies health bars look more like boss fights. Any reason they have so much health?


npcs health have not been set up correct yet :) waiting for Uniq to do something about that :) normal rebels is not hard to kill but there are more harder npcs to kill as well sometimes a bit to hard to kill if u ask me :D



Warzone NPCs will be based on surrounding player levels, which are not implemented yet - at the moment they all just spawn with a lot of health for testing weapons and whatever. The whole NPC spawn system is going to be completely different in the future. It may be a bit early to be showing gameplay hehehe.


NPCs already use jetpacks, and can switch between weapons, and try to do evasions, and pathfind, etc, but it's not really anything like what it will be in the end. The mod can also currently spawn thousands of NPCs without lagging the game.



On a related note, the current focus of warzone is on renderer looks and speed, the ability to use huge maps, and the ability to create them as easily/quickly as possible.


The map you see in the video is just a simple terrain. Everything else is added by the warzone mapping systems and tools. I can literally create multiple similar looking maps in an hour if I choose by doing the following.

1. Generate terrain in whatever software (I use this software - I'm sure there is better available).

1b. If you are a more advanced mapper, you can add whatever you want in radiant to the terrain. A few buildings or a town or landmarks or whatever. Towns can also be auto-added by wzmap using the climate INI file.

2. Fast compile with wzmap without lighting, etc.

3. Load the map ingame and use /genfoliage command to automatically find locations to add trees, cliffs, ledges, etc. Only tell it to add trees, set plants chance to 0.

4. Compile with wzmap with the output from /genfoliage in the maps directory, and a climate INI file (which tells wzmap which trees/models/buildings/whatever to add to the terrain). If the map is for warzone, don't bother wasting days on lighting.

5. Load completed map ingame and use /genfoliage again to create ground foliage positions. This time only add plants, so set trees stuff to 0. "/genfoliage replantspecial <percent_to_keep>" can then be used to remove excess foliages to suit your map.

6. If you want AI support on the map, use /awp (auto waypointer) ingame to generate waypoints for the map automatically.

7. Done. You now have a map similar to the video.


One of the (maybe the biggest) focuses of warzone is to make modding easy, to try to bring new people (modders) to the game, by making it simple to start. While all the other projects make it more complicated to get started, warzone tries to make things simple.

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