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Sorry about this - I meant to try and get 1.3.0 released in January, but I've been completely swamped both with school and other projects. About the middle of the month, one of my side projects got huge exposure. I hate advertising it here, given the context, but talking about it and why it's important to me is kinda relevant to the topic at hand.


About a week ago, GOG.com told me that they were releasing SWAT 4 for digital distribution (the first time it had been made available). They also went on to highlight my mod and later the mod got reported on by PC Power Play. If you're interested in what I'm working on now, you can check it out here. The next version is coming out soon.


There's still not much to be done for 1.3.0 of JKG though. I think just the visual overrides and the ammo menu. There's bound to be lots of bugs though. I'll try and get back to it; it's not me walking away, I'm just really busy.

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