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Adding a secondary fs_basepath?

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I'm trying to wrap up all the main code for the .exe/.dll, and there's one obstacle I need to conquer. I need it to read /GameData/dfmod after reading from/GameData/base. I thought of remapping the fs_cdpath cvar, but didn't know what trouble that might cause. I thought I'd check in to see if this has been done before. I don't want to reinvent the wheel here.

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Yeah, but I'll still need to use the base path as well.

Hm, one of us may be misunderstanding the issue.


AFAIK the order of loading is as such:



Either that, or it loads from "base" of basepath/cdpath/homepath and then <fs_game> of basepath/cdpath/homepath.


i.e. fs_game is not on the same level as fs_basepath, fs_cdpath or fs_homepath

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Thanks. I'm actually talking about hard coding it into the game so I don't have to do a command line/shortcut file.

Is there a reason why? usually just having the compiler pass the necessary args is fine for most projects, unless this is for a final release build and you need it to grab some sort of library dlls or something. I mean sounds like you got it figured out, I'm just not sure whatever you're doing would really benefit from hard coding it in. And even for a final release, most mods just use a bat launcher or put everything in their own base folder.


If you just want the mod folder, just do what ensiform suggested and change the default path.

JKG Developer

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