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Single Player crashing during Lightsaber Fights.

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I just wanted to say that I'm experiencing this too. When fighting a lightsaber wielding enemy, or two npc's are fighting, it occasionally crashes. It is more likely to happen the longer the fight goes on and the more npc's in the fight. I am using the latest build, but it happened for me on older builds as well. I'm on windows 8.1.

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i get crashes with too many npc types, and i heard this saber fight crash shit got fixed in jka enhanced

I think then I'll try out jk enhanced and see if it crashes less for me. That might be the better option for me for the time being.


And I just discovered another crash whenever a specific one of my custom npc's swings his sword. This just started when I updated to the latest build.

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From what build does it still work


Not sure exactly what build it is that changed it. I had a really old build from 2014 installed and then I just now updated to the most recent one. That probably is not very helpful for you though, sorry. That's just the one crash though, the occasional lightsaber crash was happening on that old build too.

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