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Me again...OpenJK files not showing up?


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So I recently got OpenJK in hopes of stopping the ghouls3 crash...


And I'm having two problems with it. I searched for a fix for the second problem with no luck. :(


1) When using the OpenJK singleplayer exe, are previous save files supposed to transfer over?? It appears that this is not the case due to a quick search, but I just want confirmation on this. 

I'm not too far into the singleplayer, so I can definitely restart if I have to....not that I want to.....


2) This one's more odd. I made a autoexec.cfg file in order to make the game (using the base SP exe) open in beautiful 1366x768, and also so that decapitations are active, but when I open the OpenJK singleplayer exe, it does not open in 1366x768 for some reason. 


Some help please? Thanks in advance!


Edit: Also, the OPENJK multiplayer exe opens in the correct resolution.


EDIT 2: Ah, blast it! Haha fixed it by opening the console and typing in "r_mode -2" manually since the autoexec.cfg wasn't working... 


But that creates another issue: why in the bloody hell is it not recognising my autoexec.cfg? 

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OpenJK uses autoexec_sp.cfg for single player so that you can have a separate autoexec for SP and MP.  I don't see why you need to put r_mode into autoexec when you can type it into console at any time and relaunch with vid_restart and it saves >.>



If you look closely in the console it'd say "Couldn't load autoexec_sp.cfg" rather than Executing autoexec.cfg or couldn't load autoexec.


Saves will not show up if they are incompatible.  They might still show up and work if you moved them to the homepath I'm not positive.

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