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[WIP] Developer Documentation

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This thread will contain all the necessary information for modding JKGalaxies.

First a little Q&A:


I'm not a member of JKGalaxies Team. Why am I reading this?

JKGalaxies is no longer developed by a team, but instead I will be crowdsourcing various assets for now. When development moves past Phase 2, and work begins on huge world design, that will be a different matter entirely. Phase 1 + 2 will be totally different games from Phase 3 and 4 (which are open world RPGs) and after Phase 3 comes out, Phase 1 and 2 will no longer be supported.


So tl;dr - anyone can develop content for JKG now. In this thread, you will find all of the necessary information to do so


Can I release map packs separately from JKGalaxies?

Yes. In fact I will work on a preliminary one which has old maps designed for Phase 1 in mind.


Can I fork JKGalaxies and make my own project?

Yes - under two circumstances. You can't include any original JKG content (such as the weapons, maps, etc) without the consent of the person who originally made them (just ask, and I can probably tell you right away who made it). Any code you use must be licensed under the GNU GPL and therefore be available for public use.


What about the launcher?

Not sure yet.


PK3 protection?

Not a thing atm. I decided to take it out for various reasons. The protected PK3s from old still load just fine in JKG.


Why do some things appear in purple?

This represents features, fields, etc which are subject to change.


Why do some things appear in orange?

This represents features, fields, etc which are not yet available in the public version of the mod.


Level Design






Weapons, Items, Jetpacks, Shields, Sabers, Stances, ...

See this file, which contains every field of every json file, documented.

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I went ahead and documented every single field of every ext_data file, with the exception of the saber related ones as that data is subject to change between now and 1.4.0.


I'm very thankful for this. Thanks to the documentations others have provided I have been able to understand the things that allow me to do my own things for my mod projects. 

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