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Epic Challenge Mod III


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I would like to know if some peoples are interested by helping me in this one. I think it can be a lot faster, because this episode is going to be a lot more complete.


I search skills for:

- Ui menu creations,

- Coders to add some new things in the SP

- Languages translators


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Hi folks !


For the 2 or 3 peoples who follow this mod, advancements going on !





More details in the maps !




A huge green place full of ennemies...




Kyle talks again.




Look at those curves... and this droid photobombing them...




One important map, The Cave...








Are you saying... problems ?




New saber colors offers variety...




You're going to see this place a LOT of time...



Direction please ?




Aw, at last I found home...




"Vote if you want the sith falling with the water."



Those pics come from three levels of the mod. :P


I think you will enjoy playing this...

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I think some NPCs could not necessary work good due to the specific SP game I used (a version modified especially for the mod made by Asgarath83), but I think there are some versions playable of every map (you will understand when you will play the mod).



BTW thanks a lot ! :P


Still working on it...



Now mapping the LAST map of the place called "Zone Of Trouble". After that, it will be the latest part of the mod, the final rush to the epic ending... :P

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The plan has changed...



I was expecting to do an Epic Challenge Mod with approximatly 25 maps but with more details than the other ones.


I found a VERY interesting idea which bring me to 45 maps... 



Precising that after the last map of the part I'm actually making, it will be faster due to the come back in the linear style of progression. :)

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