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Yavin Temple V2 beta (JK2 SP Remake) for JKA MP

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Most of people knows the JK2 Singleplayer Yavin Temple/Yavin Courtyard map, and some people asked me about this one already.

Well this is my little old project i started working again for Jedi Academy Multiplayer and it needs a lot of working/fixing/texturing/lighting blabla yet.

Screenshots with test .bsp compile (no lights really that much or anything else) ;/ looks so bad atm.


We'll see If I'm gonna ever finish/release this one, or perhaps I give the .map source files for someone to finish it, lol. *beep beep*  :rolleyes:


Link for Screenshots:



For the Mappers: Let me know if anyone of you is interested in this one, so maybe we can work together. (Who has experience or have at least decent map/project)



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Hey ! It's remember me "The Real Jedi Academy" (trja) map from JK3filefront ! :) based on the levels of JO.

Will it be an improved version ? Will you add the underground lastlevel ?


Cause JK3filefront seems to have some problems, here is another link if you can't get the map



Hey, no it's not gonna be an improved version. Basically this is mix of Jedi Outcast SP Levels Yavin Temple/Yavin Courtyard. TRJA map is nice, though it's way too big and "messy" in my opinion for normal-sized multiplayer maps. I wanna keep this simple and normal size, and kinda similar like the JO Singleplayer levels, but still better and focused more on multiplayer gameplay.


Although, I could make an improved version of TRJA, If I get permissions, but I am pretty sure I don't have time because so many unfinished projects et cetera...


EDIT: What do you mean underground last level? JO Final map (the one you fight with Desann?)

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yes, when you fight Desann. It could be nice to make one map which groups the 2 or 3 last levels together.


Well yeh, but it's pretty big map, isn't it just easier to copy & edit Yavin Temple/Yavin Courtyard and Final map together.

But once again, it's very big map and I hate walking/jumping to long distances, maybe few teleports would be better then.

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