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Force powers selection screen

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I dunno how a lot of people feel about it and it's very early to even bother with at this point but it'll come up eventually.


I'd like to see the old looking force power selection screen make a comeback, the code already exists in JA, just needs some tweaking.


We could even make it similar to the original by adding 4 levels of each force power since that too already exists in the game code (5 actually).


Maybe even figure a way to grant an extra point by finding ALL of the secrets in a level just like the original that way you're rewarded unlike the newer games in the series.

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Of course the overall amount can be altered, the thing that may prove to be a challenge is coding it so that you can get EXTRA stars for finding all of the secrets in a level, they did this in DF2. If you found all of the secret areas in a level upon completion you'd get 1 extra star to put towards your force powers.

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