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Ending a Map

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I found a map over at Massassi I played before and copied his ending script. The closing credits take you back to main menu after they run. So, I may just have to make my own credits up, which I think someone posted about recently..


Its really awesome because the way I added it to the script the credit overlay just goes over the final cutscene, showing the brain there... its really cool.  I think I'm going to leave it in just as it is.

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you need to activate by script with icarus a target_level_change,



1 create target_level_change

2: put a targetname of it and a script_targetname too.

3 mapmane key

value +ingamegototier and youare direct to the end level menu of JKA about the five series of mission of every tie part of the game.

if you use this you can use also the value storyhead "name of model" for display the head of character you desire for the debrifing.

if you want a custom menu for the ending, you need to copy the ingamegototier.MENU file and editing for make your custom debriefing file.

i have a map that have as end a menu. and the mapname is +debriefing1. and it load the debriefing1.MENU file :)

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