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Weapon Reload Feature

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I was thinking. Rather than the typical reload that you see in most games, how about this idea:


Pickup ammo as usual but when you exceed the amount in the clip, it gets stored in the reserve (half of the clip maximum, so 400 clip will be 200 reserve). Then when your clip is empty, you hit the reload key which will drain the reserve. This will play a reload animation (both player model & viewmodel) and have a special "recharge" animated shader overlaying the weapon model accompanied by a "recharge" sound.


This way, it keeps reloading looking sci-fi and also solves the problem of "but this weapon has no physical clip, how would it reload?". :P

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In my opinion pick up ammo should stop accumulating when your carry capicity is full at your maximum spare ammo capacity. You should just get an ammo full message notice. In my opinion part of the game's strategy should be to use your ammo sparingly and wisely


Otherwise just play the game with the unlimited ammo option.


But I wholeheartedly support more realistic reload animations.

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I like this idea. There are a distinct few weapons where it would make no sense to recharge at all though (metallic bolt weapons function similar to real-world weapons, so those definitely need a real reload animation) and there are also some which definitely have a magazine on the model (rocket launcher, blaster rifle, etc). So yeah, I support your idea, I just think there are a few exceptions.

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